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More for sale at the Consignment Shop

7,079 Downloads 329 Thanks  Thanks 94 Favourited 25,239 Views
Uploaded: 10th Oct 2014 at 11:05 AM
Updated: 21st Oct 2014 at 12:35 PM
XML Tuning Mod: This mod adds more for sale at the consignment register. The default is 25 so I added a couple flavors of the mod setting the amount for sale to either 40 or 50 (ONLY USE ONE OR THE OTHER!). This mod changes NOTHING ELSE about the register, sales, etc... so for those who are game cheat concerned... this is in no way a cheat as you have the same risks of getting ripped off as normal. This mod is made to compliment my other 'More for Sale' mods.

Use only one of the mod versions.

This mod uses: ConsignmentRegister_0xe61416151054659f and will conflict with any mod that uses the same resource. This mod should not conflict with any other mods.

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to those who requested this mod... otherwise I wouldn't have thought to release it.