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Massive Modern Graveyard

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2015 at 5:00 AM
Updated: 16th Aug 2016 at 2:21 AM
Please look at bottom of post for EP information

I don't call this graveyard merely a 'large' graveyard, because not only is it on the largest lot in sims 3, but it also has many amenities which focus on grave space.

I made my first graveyard probably in about 2010, or maybe it was 2011, whenever supernatural came out. I always used to run out of room in my graveyards when I played a lot.

I have since moved neighborhoods a good handful of times. This time my new sim is in an island neighborhood. It's no doubt a very well made neighborhood, but its graveyard, while beautiful, was lacking in room! Seriously, there were like 10 graves in it and no room for more. That just cannot do!

I tried to look around here at mod the sims and on the exchange for a large graveyard suited to my liking, and found none. So of course I had to make one.

Luckily my building and landscaping abilities have improved!

This graveyard is best for an island/tropical style neighborhood due to its landscaping. However, if you take out the palm trees, it could probably fit just about any neighborhood.

I did my best to optimize grave space in a few ways. I added some graves through buydebug to give you all an idea for how to place your graves. There is lots of 'empty' grass space for more graves to add when you've played the neighborhood longer.

It's up to you to determine how you want to organize your graves, but I usually try to place graves in family groupings- all the Smiths here, all the Morgans here. Since there are seperate sections in the graveyard, you can place them that way if you wish (a few families in each section), though maybe you're lazy and just place them anywhere, and I understand that. In a big neighborhood (as this is intended for), sims eventually start dying left and right and it can get overwhelming!

I really would be curious to read what you guys usually do with the graves in the mausoleum. I'd imagine some people start deleting them? I never do that, and don't intend to. The fun of family trees largely reside in the graves for me.

As you can see, I added a rather large modern building right in front of the graveyard. It has the mausoleum in it (I used the ITF one for its modern look), a reading area, as well as a special area for a recently dead sim (maybe for a funeral party?).

The basement has the bathrooms.

But I also added two rooms for graves. This further ensures your graveyard has enough room- once you start losing room up top or you want to organize them a certain way, you can utilize the basement for graves. I only added the two rooms, but you could most certainly add more rooms or even another basement floor. See, I told you you'd never need a bigger graveyard!

I also made certain sections of graves for your 'special' sims. This nook area is for your legacy founders, or some other special sims.

You could add more of the family line near the ponds, or on the platform section of the graveyard.

I've stocked the ponds with plenty of fish- including the deathfish of course! The lot is also sprinkled with other spawners.

**Also note that the graveyard I uploaded has a few slight differences (dirt perfected, an extra statue) than in the pics I took. My game just crashed, I didn't put the new one in to take pictures, and I'm not redoing it.


Most needed:
ITF (the long rectangular windows, the benches, stairs, minor deco inside)
Late night (the yellow flowers (used in only a few places, not everywhere), furniture inside)

Somewhat needed:
Island paradise (many of the palm trees, the red flower bushes used sparsely)

ambitions (main stone wallpaper in the basement)
pets (just a few spawners)
showtime (the wallpaper on the building, some of the Palm trees)
supernatural (jelly bean bush and rocking chairs)

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 182,613
Lot Price (unfurnished): 137,832