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Geometric Outfits

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2015 at 1:20 AM

Here are 2 geometric recolor outfits I did for young adult females!
It's actually my first upload here on Modthesims and I can't wait to do some more.
I hope you liked these, I had a lot of fun learning how to make them. If you want to, please leave some feedback for future improvements to my creations. You can even ask for requests!

Happy Simming!

Next up learning to edit meshes.

You can find these under the full outfit category as recolors for the shown outfits. The color swatch will be blue/white. They're for Young Adult females! It can be worn as Everyday and Formal!

P.S Yes you can recolor these recolors! If you do not know how to put these in your game, all you have to do is extract them into the Sims 4 mods folder.

Have fun!

Additional Credits:
S4PE, Color Magic