Suave & Passionate Kiss Always Available (1.19)

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2015 at 2:13 PM
Updated: 7th Jun 2016 at 5:58 PM - Updated for the 1.19 patch
This mod is updated to V5 for the 1.19 patch.

Mod is updated to V4 for the 1.16.61 patch.

Updated to V3 for the 1.15.55 patch.

This mod is updated to V2 for the March 26th patch.

With this mod the Suave and Passionate Kisses are no longer attached to an emotional state, so they will be available on the romance menu like the standard Kiss. It's still necessary to go through First Kiss though, to open up these choices.

Aspects of these two interactions which are called "cooldown" and "lockout time" are removed, so they will always be on the pie menu after they are opened up, regardless of how often they are used.

Both of these are autonomous by default, so they will likely be seen more often when using this mod; sims who are romantically involved will sometimes choose one of these instead of the standard kiss or kiss on the cheek or caress which they can be seen doing autonomously.

Unzip the file and place the .package file in the Mods folder or subfolder.
These two files are used:

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group, and the Sims4 XML Extractor by velocitygrass.
And the Sims 4 XML Extractor by scumbumbo.