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Gothique Living set ts3 to ts4

15,385 Downloads 446 Thanks  Thanks 98 Favourited 27,035 Views
Uploaded: 28th Mar 2015 at 7:10 PM
Updated: 21st Jul 2018 at 11:08 PM
latest update :this pack is updated to latest packs and should be fully functional again

update: i think the fireplace is fixed but not sure yet so if someone had an issue with the texture as SlyStarDust so you can download the new rar i add and replace the one in the big rar ........................

Entertain your guests whether living, dead, corporeal, or disembodied with spooky elegance. Debating whether the detailed carvings were handcrafted by goblins, dwarves, or humans makes an excellent conversation starter. Polite guests of course won’t ask how these heirlooms came into your possession.

this is Gothique Living from sims 3 store i converted all items but the armor(its texture didnt show in tsr)
hope you like it
all reclors are above in the screenshoots
no glitch tested in all settings
Gothique Sofa:750$
Gothique Painting:325$
Gothique Living Chair:700$
Gothique Flower Vase:90$
Gothique Fireplace:5200$
Gothique End Table:325$
Gothique Dining Table:460$
Gothique Dining Chair:400$
Gothique Cushion and Pearls:150$
Gothique Curtain:300$
Gothique Bookshelf:950$
Captain Chaz MacFreeling’s Galleon:125$
well everything is easy to find
you can find Gothique Cushion and Pearls and Captain Chaz MacFreeling’s Galleon by choosing itesm by function the deco then misc

Polygon Counts:
Gothique Sofa vertics:1172
Gothique Painting vertics:340
Gothique Living Chair vertics:752
Gothique Flower Vase vertics:665
Gothique Fireplace vertics:2292
Gothique End Table vertics:1132
Gothique Dining Chair vertics:1025
Gothique Cushion and Pearls vertics:1132
Gothique Curtain vertics:603
Gothique Bookshelf vertics:2279
Captain Chaz MacFreeling’s Galleon vertics:2279

Additional Credits:
s4s_beta love version
tsr workshop