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Faster novel writing - Customizable

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2015 at 7:24 PM
Updated: 26th Jul 2017 at 1:33 PM - Fixing PB picture
I decided I wanted to mod the time it takes to write a novel, as it's too long to be productive, and I found write novels faster by Squinge which offers a 4 hour version and an 8 hour version. Great! Except it didn't work in my game.

I investigated and looked at other mods, and I managed to find the problem. Freetime changed how novel-writing works, and the code controlling time required is now different. I've tracked it down, and made a new version for those games that uses the new code.

What does this mod do?
This is a global mod that changes how long it takes to write a novel. In FT/AL/M&G the default time required to write a novel is roughly 15 hours. I have made three versions with a shorter duration. As a nod to Squinge, I've made one version where it takes roughly 4 hours to write one. I've also made a 7,5 hour version, and a 10 hour version, for those who want it to take a bit longer. You can only use one of them, so decide which duration you want and only use that one

But the best part is, this is super easy to edit yourself! So whatever duration you want, be it faster or longer, you can edit it and make the duration exactly what you want it to be.

When should you use this and not Squinges version?
Freetime, Apartment Life and Mansion and Garden uses the altered code. If you have either of those games, you should use my version of the mod. If you do not have any of those, you should use Squinges version.

I have set FT/AL/M&G as required, but you do not need to have all of them. If you have either one, then you should use this mod and not Squinges.

How do I modify this then?
You will need SimPE, but I promise, it's really easy so don't get scared by that!

Click here for instructions

If you can't get SimPE to work or you don't want to try this, then you are welcome to request a duration and I'll make it for you

Bonus feature
While trying to figure this out, I also found the lines that control how quickly Sims gain creativity skill and film/literature enthusiasm. I have not changed these in the mods offered here, but I've labeled them for those who would like to edit those aspects as well. I haven't figured out the exact rates, but if you lower the number the gain rate will be slower, and if you increase the number it'll be faster.

None that I know of. It will not conflict with Squinges mod, but there is no reason to have Squinges mod if you have FT/AL/M&G because it won't do anything, so if you use this then you don't need Squinges.

Any mod that alters time required, creativity/enthusiasm gain, and possibly amount of money gained from novels, may conflict with this.

You are very welcome to edit this for your own personal use, but kindly don't upload it elsewhere. If you'd like to share your edit, you can upload it in the comments of this thread

Squinge for making the first mod to shorten time required.
MogHughson for her Become an author ... without a computer-mod that I used as help to figure out the code.