Makin' Hay -- 11 Lawnmower Poses

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2015 at 12:26 PM
Another Tumblr request, this time for some poses that would work with a decorative lawnmower. The lawnmower is made by MsPoodle and is available here. (You will need World Adventures to get the lawnmower to act as a vehicle. I am not sure if it will show in your game at all without WA installed.) These poses may work with the tractor vehicle as well, but I haven't confirmed how they line up, sorry! Pose-listed, pose tag visible in list description.

Pose tags are as follows:

a_splad_lawnmower1: sit and ride.

a_splad_lawnmower2: holding a toddler during a ride.
p_splad_lawnmower2: being held.

a_splad_lawnmower3: looking underneath the mower (you broke it!)
Note: Because of the leg positioning, if your sim is thinner, you will see some distortion in the thigh/knee area.)

a_splad_lawnmower4: waving, looking to the right.
a_splad_lawnmower4b: waving while standing.
a_splad_lawnmower4c: waving while leaning on a fence.

a_splad_lawnmower5: leaning on the steering wheel.
a_splad_lawnmower5b: sitting on the lawnmower's hood.

a_splad_lawnmower6: sitting in front of the lawnmower, kissing.
a_splad_lawnmower6b: sitting in front of the lawnmower, kissing.

You will need to use "moveobjects on" to place your sims in position, and when you're finished, they will tangle up with the lawnmower and look very silly. This is okay! Direct them to walk away and all will be well.

Additional Credits:
bordelinski and MsPoodle1 for the original Tumblr request for the lawnmower and matching poses
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the excellent "Creating Your Own Custom Poses" tutorial
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AF/AM rig
A for the toddler rig
Inge Jones for S3PE Everyone on Tumblr who looks, likes, comments, and reblogs. Thank you! <3