*OBSOLETE* Dine Out Dishwasher Mesh Default

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2016 at 11:11 PM
Updated: 17th Jul 2019 at 10:55 PM - File no longer required.
This file is no longer required. As it was never mentioned in any patch notes, I don't know when EA made the change themselves but dishwashers no longer clip into walls.

EA have been at it again.
This is a file to reduce the depth of the dishwasher that comes with Dine Out so that it no longer clips into walls.

The dishwasher mesh was based on the size of a kitchen counter when it is NOT placed against a wall. When a counter is placed against a wall it gains a splashback and becomes shallower from front to back. I slimmed down the dishwasher mesh which will now replace all Dine Out dishwashers in game so that they don't stick into walls and instead sit flush with the counter back. I have also ever so slightly widened the dishwasher to prevent the edge bleed that happened if the dishwasher was placed under a counter with exposed sides.

Dine Out is required for this mod. It will NOT add the dishwasher to your game if you don't already have it.
If you choose to place a dishwasher under a counter that is NOT placed against a wall, there will now be a recess under countertop. This doesn't really affect island counters.

The files that have been replaced are the Model resources with Instance BA102D104F68EB59

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