Owl Mobile (Animated and Musical)

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2016 at 1:06 PM
Updated: 25th Sep 2016 at 5:10 AM
In loving memory of simmer Nonni (February 1948 - August 2016)

First off, a HUGE thank you to the following people for making this object possible.

NixNivis for permitting cloning of her Starship Mobile to which this mobile takes its animation. Also for the tremendous amount of time and help she gave personally.

Gayars for providing the owl textures and her own recolours.

FracturedMoonlight for guidance in meshing.

Update 17/09/2016
A new, musical version of the mobile has been added. This version has additional options to "Turn On Music" and "Turn Off Music". I’ve left the original mobile available for those that do not want the mobile to be musical (no sense wasting download space on a soundtrack package you won’t use). The rotation direction has also been reversed and animation slowed slightly. * Please do leave feedback if you find the music is too high or too low; checking first that your system and/or games volumes aren't the cause. It has thus far been very difficult to establish what is a good volume, so this may need a further update.

Original non-musical mobile updated to rotate in reverse and at a slightly slower speed; the same as the new musical mobile.

Musical and non-musical mobiles share the same GUID, therefore you must only have ONE version installed.

This mobile slowly rotates using the pie menu options, "Start Spinning" and "Stop Spinning". It is best placed using the "setquartertileplacement on" cheat.

Found under Miscellaneous > Children for 80 simoleans.

Recolours can be downloaded separately. Included are pink, purple, red and white by me and lavender, aqua green and turquoise by Gayars. Blue is the owls default colour.

Polygon Counts:
Clamp: 214
Frame (includes moon and stars) : 2141
Shapes (all owls): 3980
Total: 6335

Mobile compressed at 301KB.

Additional Credits:
GIMP, TinyJPG.com, Milkshape, The Compressorizer and of course, SimPE.