Alternative Maxis Match Hair Retextures – Part 2

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Uploaded 20th Nov 2016 at 12:50 AM · Updated 23rd Nov 2016 at 9:30 PM by Voeille

I said in my introduction upload that I’ll keep sharing my retextures in groups of four, so there we go, I have another group to share This time the hairstyles are:All the hairs are binned, familied, grey is linked to black, and unnecessary lifestages aren’t displayed in the game. Speaking of which, Cazy Amelia and Newsea Mysha are available for the child-elder age groups, TS3 Loose Curls and TS3 Soft Spike for all ages, genders are as shown in the pictures. Texture is by Remi, colours and shading by me. I also slightly edited the alpha for TS3 Soft Spike – the strands with the original one seemed a bit squarish.

Note: I mentioned it in the first upload, but I’ll say it again – my black is much darker than the common one used for retextures, but it’s light enough that you can see all the details without any trouble. All the weird white endings visible on hair are the mesh fault, for some reason it happens with TS3 conversions and I can’t do anything with it without editing the mesh. All the other things like how and why I started retexturing hair are described in the introduction upload, so if you’re interested read them there

Edit: I decided to select it as a personal pick because Cazy Amelia in blonde looks basically like my own hair

Additional Credits:
Newsea, Cazy, Martini, Trapping, and RentedSpace for the meshes, Remi for textures.

Hair Style: Natural Colours Maxis-Match
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

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