Love Me? A Flirtatious Holiday Gown for AF

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2016 at 6:15 PM
Updated: 24th Dec 2016 at 8:11 PM
Merry Christmas Everyone! I have recently been in the Christmas mood and have been creating festive content left and right it seems. So, I decided to share this unique formal Holiday dress for adult females with all of you! It is not a normal Christmas dress (as you may have noticed) but a lot of my Gothic style sims enjoy it, and I hope you guys will as well!

Nope! I recolored a basic dress that came with the Celebration Expansion pack so as long as you have that, you are all set! That said, this is only offered as a formal styled dress in game.

Stay Tuned for a Brief Description...

For this dress, I wanted something a little outside of the accustomed Holiday dress, so I started toying around with a few Gothic designs. The entire dress is designed by me, I did not use any textures or special photos from the internet. The shoes are a matching grey and bring out the hand-drawn belt. I know it isn't perfect, but I hope all of you enjoy it for the Holidays.

Curious about my request policy or what I am working on next? I keep a brief and updated segment on my profile page dedicated to this.

Additional Credits:

Custom Content featured in Pictures: A red recolor of "The Fiorella," with tall stemmed vase with an unknown origin and mustluvcat's own Christmas recolor of her original 3-wick beeswax candle. The one I have used above is in the scent of "Holly Berry."

Technical: A HUGE thank you to Sims 2 Body Shop, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Mod the Sims, and Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for my sins.

I could not have done this without all of their hard work before me!!