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Nebula Loveseat

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2017 at 11:25 AM
Have you always wanted a 2 seat version of the Nebula Nine sofa? I have, that's why I created one.
It costs 1850 simoleons to reflect the price of the Nebula Nine sofa. This is basically a shorter version of the Nebula Nine sofa from the Diesel Stuff Pack with the middle cushion removed. Presets are the same to match the original. The source object was the Goth Family Loveseat from pets but it shouldn't be required to have this expansion to use as this is an entirely new item.

Can be found in:
Room>Living Room>Sofas & Loveseats>Nebula Loveseat
Function>Comfort>Sofas & Loveseats>Nebula Loveseat

I would recommend that your patch is at least 1.69.xx to use this item but it shouldn't make a difference.

Polygon Counts: