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Matte Lipsticks for Males and Females in Cool and Warm Shades - Fixed

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2017 at 3:20 AM
Updated: 9th Feb 2019 at 5:59 PM
Hello Everyone!

Matte Lipsticks for Males and Females in Cool and Warm Shades

9FEB19 UPDATE: Fixed the dark purple swatch in the Cool packages.

*Fixed* The top lip was not shaping as I'd prefer in game, so I went in and smoothed it out. It looks much better now! I also changed from just for males and females, to a female only version, and a male and female version, for each of Warms, Cools, and Warms and Cools. They all allow for random.

This is a set of new matte lipsticks done in the style that a lot of people are wearing nowadays. Matte, for those who don't know, means very little to no shine, so not glossy. I have a stepdaughter who is a makeup artist, and she and my daughter wear mostly matte lipsticks. Here is a picture, with their permission, to show you my inspiration:

Morgan, the makeup artist, is the dark haired beauty on the left, and Sakura, the gorgeous red-head, is on the right.

I have done an entire makeup set including these lipsticks, blush with highlighter, 2 eye shadows, and an eye liner, in honour of my girls.

The other items will follow shortly

The lipsticks, however, are the only uploads currently available for both males and females aged teen through elder, at this time. Due to differing facial contruction, the other makeup items will need a separate upload for males, and I will get to that soon!

In the meantime, enjoy to your heart's content! You will find these lipsticks in CAS under makeup/lipstick.

This picture shows my Sim wearing all of the new makeup, and are both in game pics.

Additional Credits:
Created using
Photoshop CC
Sims 4 Studio sims4studio.com

Tickspor.com for the colour wheel

Morgan and Sakura for the inspiration

Adil338 for the Fusion Eyes.

The eyebrows, curtain, and rug in the background, are available on my upload page here.