'Mega' window series recoloured - black/white

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Uploaded 22nd Sep 2017 at 7:32 PM

I recoloured the windows from the 'Mega' series (and one that isn't from that series called the 'craftsman window') to match the doors I uploaded previously. The doors can be found here.

These windows are standalone recolours of the following base game windows with the same price as the orignal:
- Mega Window Double Deluxe - 115 Simoleons
- Mega Window Budget DeLite - 85 Simoleons
- Mega Window Double Budget DeLite - 110 Simoleons
- Mega Window Cloverleaf - 90 Simoleons
- Mega Window Grand - 210 Simoleons
- Mega Window Double Grand - 200 Simoleons
- Mega Window Grand Deluxe - 290 Simoleons
- Mega Window Budget DeLuxe - 95 Simoleons
- Mega Window - 100 Simoleons
- Mega Window Shutter -145 Simoleons
- Mega Window Reverse Shutter - 150 Simoleons
- Mega Window Double Budget Grand DeLuxe DeLite - 230 Simoleons
- Mega Window Deluxe - 105 Simoleons
- The Craftsman Window - 60 Simoleons

All windows come in a black option and almost all come with two black/white combination options as well. There are two windows that do not have the extra black/white combination options. These are the Mega Window Cloverleaf and Mega Window Budget Deluxe.

I did not include white options because most of these windows have already been recoloured in white by Steve7859 and are already available to download here on MTS. You can find these white windows here. I tested it and these white windows match the white doors I made perfectly!

There were two windows Steve7859 did not recolour so there are two windows in this set that do have a white option. These are Mega Window and The Craftsman Window.

All windows, except the Mega Window Grand Delux can be found in the catalogue in Build Mode > Windows > Short Windows.
The Mega Window Grand Delux can be found in Build Mode > Windows > Medium Windows.