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Winter Garden Items

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2017 at 4:22 AM
Hello Everyone!

This is a Seasons and Celebrations Contest Upload #themeSHC

This is a set of garden items that have been "winterized" for a lot I have made called Winter Wonderland, a magical world where your Sims can pretend to be Santa's elves, making woodworking creations and baking to their hearts' content, while children of all ages can play and do many other activities outside. There's a lot to do at Winter Wonderland, so you'll have to check out that upload!

The three evergreens in this upload have snow, while the other two trees have lost their leaves. The three plants have lost most of their leaves and acquired a light dusting of snow. And the five rocks also have been dusted with snow. These items are located in Build Mode/Trees and Shrubs. All the stats are shown below.

The terrain is a magical terrain that was created by the invisible elves that live in Winter Wonderland, and is characterized by large snowflakes. It can be found in Build Mode/Terrain/All terrain.

Have a great time with these Winter Garden Items!

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC
Sims 4 Studio

Photoshop Snowflake Brushes by papercaptain at Deviant Art