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Winter Wonderland Themed Billboard in Simlish and English

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2017 at 6:52 AM
Hello Everyone!

This is a Seasons and Celebrations Contest Upload #themeSHC

With Winter Wonderland, I felt I needed a sign that described the joys of the lot. With so many wonderful things to enjoy there, only a billboard would do. So, here it is in 2 variations, Simlish and English.

With the Simlish version, even though it translates correctly to the English version, it can be used anywhere by your Sims to help with a winter holiday decorative theme!

You will find it re-tagged to Buy Mode/Decorations/Miscellaneous for 395 Simoleons, not a bad deal at all!


Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC
Sims 4 Studio

Magical Snowflakes Photoshop Brushes by papercaptain at Deviant Art

Christmas Vector Photoshop Brushes by Obsidian Dawn (redheadstock) at Deviant Art

Nootrasims Simlish Font by Franzilla

Winter Garden Items by Simmiller