Howling at the Moon Paintings - Base Game Compatible Recolour

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2017 at 5:33 PM
Hello Everyone!

Want some more haunting paintings for your Sims' homes?

Love howling wolves, dark nights, and glowing moons?

Then you are going to love these 3 new base game compatible paintings!

These are original monochromatic artworks in both black and white, and sepia. Each one comes with 3 frame colour options, almost white, not-quite-black, and a rich, dark brown.

They cost 8000 Simoleons each, have a happiness value of 10, and are found in Buy Mode/Decorations/Paintings and Posters at the very end of that section due to the high price.

You'll make your Sims very happy when you decorate with these lovelies!

Other custom content design elements in the pictures are linked via Related Uploads.


Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC

Photoshop Brushes used:

Eerie Pack for trees, fog, the rundown house, birds, and moon, and Tranquility Brushes for fog and trees, both by wyckedBrush at Deviant Art.
Magic Spells M O O N brush set by TreehouseCharms at Deviant Art for the wolves, fairy, smoke, bright star, and moon.
Night Forest by Elbereth-de-Lioncour at Deviant Art for starlight elements.