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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2018 at 6:54 PM
When Laundry Day was released I was so sad to find that no Eco-Friendly trait shipped along with it so I made my own.

Description: These Sims prefer a lifestyle of energy conservation, recycling and sustainable eating. They become Happy when gardening, prefer showers over baths, and will use the clothesline over the dryer.
Category: Lifestyle Traits
Packs Required: Laundry Day (for most of the buffs), Outdoor Living (for Herbalism related things)
CAS Trait Animation: Same as "Loves the Outdoors"

Autonomy: Same as "Loves the Outdoors" trait
Needs: None
Skills: Gardening and Herbalism skills are learned 1.2x faster
Career: None
Relationship: None


+1 Happy buff for the following:
- Using the Clothesline
- Using the Wash Tub
- Showering (any type)
- Gardening

+1 Tense buff for the following:
- Using/Watching the Water Slide
- Taking Baths
- Using the Washing Machine and Dryer

- Buy a Wash Tub
- Use the Wash Tub
- Go on vacation to Granite Falls
- Plant something
- Fertilize a Plant
- Graft a Plant
- Spray a Plant
- Talk to a Plant
- Water a Plant
- Weed a Plant

As this is a brand new trait, there should be no conflicts with any mods or other custom traits.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu for the Mod Constructor
Simmers in the Plumbbob Tea Society and MC Command Center discord servers for the help and testing