Hever Castle

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2018 at 7:53 AM
Updated: 25th Feb 2018 at 9:23 AM
Greetings, Simmers!

Far removed from the intrigue of court life, Hever Castle is located in Kent. Compared to most of the castles of that period (built in the 13th century) Hever is small.... It could easily be described as being "cozy".

I had originally built Hever and posted it at "plumb bob keep" about 5 years ago. Recently, a friend of mine went to the UK on vacation and told me that she had gotten a "pretty good" picture after the castle was closed for visitors.
Well! I lightened it up and was able to get some good textures for the gatehouse.... Thank You, Kari!!

I used Maxis furniture, walls and floors wherever I could to keep the file size down, but there were just a few walls out there that were hard to resist.... actually, bed headboards made into walls.....

Thank You, Early Oak Reproductions!


Many Thanks to the talented creators who made this possible.... I think Hever is my favorite castle.....

This is built on a 5x6 lot and costs 277,286 simoleons

meshes included: oops! forgot the mesh for the stair wall fix....

This is "lightly" furnished


Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): 277286

Custom Content by Me:
- interior and exterior walls
- fireplace recolors
- door recolors
- window recolors
- blue patterned roof
- Castle Battlements

Custom Content Included:
- Stair Wall Fix by JRW
- hydrangea bushes by Samantaablack
- rose bushes by Samantaablack
- rose bush mesh by Samantaablack
- Fence segment by Maryata
- Ivy by mustluvcatz
- Fairybulosa drawbridge chains by Olemantinker
- Fun-Kadelic Frequency Stereo SystemÂ*from Kauker Inc. by Taroo closed site
- Column Fireplace by Raynuss
- Altar Bible by Lithium closed site
- spiral stairs by Raynuss
- Buttress II by Lama
- Elizabethan Window (Master) by cyclonesue
- Gothic window recolor by cyclonesue
- Gothic 1-tile Round Window by cyclonesue
- Castle Ruin Arrow Slit by cyclonesue
- Castle Ruin Arrow Slit by cyclonesue
- Altar (table) by Lithium closed site
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Narrow Tall Window by The Dream Team
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Narrow Window by The dream team
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Floor Mirror by the Dream Team
- "A Fairytale Romance" Doors and arches by Kate
- "A Fairytale Romance" Sandstone Fence by Kate
- stone bridge by Kativip

Additional Credits:
Delphy for MTS
Quaxi, Numenor and RGiles for SimPE Our wonderful Moderators
Our great MTS Community