Loves Children (New Update w/ Parenting Skill & Conflict with Hates Children)

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2018 at 8:15 PM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2018 at 3:59 PM by Sims_Lover
We have a hates children trait, so I created a....

Loves Children Trait
Lifestyle trait for Teens, Young Adult, Adult, Edler

These Sims become Happy around Children and will make great parents.

8 hr, +3 Happy Moodlet for these buffs:
Help/Mentor Child or Teen with Homework
Repair Dollhouse with or without child crying
Play as Sea or Space Monster on Jungle Gym Boat ad Jungle Gym Rocket
Watch Puppet Show
Play dolls with a child or toddler

4 hour, +2 Happy Moodlet for these buffs:
Watch Kids Network
Wach Movies: Superkids: Cortex Catastrophe,The Adventures of Spaceship
Simulation, Lost Dog's Journey Home, College Cram, Diamons are For Sims,
Moonlight Massacre III, Roaring Vice, Simder, Sims of the Dead, The
Khlumzee Sisters

Try for a baby

Baby Whims:
Bounce a baby
Coo at a baby
Cuddle a baby
Feed a baby
Make silly faces at a baby
Talk to a baby

Toddler Whims:
Clean high chair
Clean potty chair
Encouraging or Influencing Kids
Buy a toy, toddler toy box, high chair, potty chair, toddler bed, tablet,
nesting blocks, toddler book case, jungle gym, ball pit, slide climber,
Tunnel, night light
Change toddler diaper
Comfort toddler
Check on toddler
Give toddler a bubble bath, bath
Hug toddler
Give drink and food to toddler
Potty train toddler
Read a book to toddler
Read toddle to sleep
Show flash cards to toddler
Snuggle toddler
Talk about day or talk to toddler
Add Note or Make Drawing to Family Bullentin Board
Volunteering with Family
Teach Nesting Blocks to toddler
Teach a toddler to dance
Play with toys with toddler
Roughhouse with toddlers
Teach toddler to talk
Help toddler slide on Jungle Gym
Catch toddler on Jungle Gym
Watch tv with toddler

Child whims:
Be friendly to child
Buy a puppet theater
Chat with child
Prank child
Make Sack Lunch

Kids will receive a happy buff from being around Sims who have this trait.

Skill increases:
Sims with trait will gain Charisma skills 1.25 x faster
3-1-2018 update has Parenting Skill updated (2x faster)

No effects on other skills, careers or autonomy.

Credits Mod Construcor V3