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Farmer Trait

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2018 at 6:55 PM
Farmer - This Sim lives on a farm, loves to grow food, fish by the water and take care of animals.

Lifestyle Trait

Ages: Young Adult to Elder


Happy +4 for 6 hours:
Examine Water (Fishing Location)
Go Fishing (A hole, spot, Aggregate)

Focused +4 for 6 hours
Woodworking table
- Craft Furniture
- Craft Instrument
- Craft Sculpture
Start Crafting
Resume Woodworking

Happy +8 for 4 hours
Collect items in inventory
Convert Bonsai to decorative Gardening Plant
Evolve Plant
Fertilze Plant
Harvest/ Harvest All Plants
Graft plant
Inspecting Garden (Tend all)
Plant fruit (pot or planter)
Remove Wild Plants
Research Gardening
Revive Cowplant
Revive Plant (Generic)
Spray for Bugs
Spray for Insects
Take Cutting
Talk to plants
Tend Garden (Spray, Water, Weed)
Water All Plants
Water with tears
Weed All (All and Planter)

Happy +4 for 4 hours
Add fuel to bonfire
Add log to campfire
Create food at campfire
Cozy up at bonfire
Bonfire dance
Hangout at bonfire
Light bonfire
Light campfire
Gather Around campfire
Roast Marshmallows during campfire

Catch a Fish
Identify a Wild Plant
Harvest Unindentifed plant
Light a Campfire or Bonfire
Roast Fish over a Campfire
Become Focused
Buy a Bonsai Tree
Feed a Cowplant
Graft a plant
Harvest Growfruit
Harvest a plant
Level up in Gardening Skill
Revive a Dead plant
Spray a plant
Talk to a plant
Trim a Bonsai Tree
Water a Plant
Weed a Plant
Bait Hook while Fishing
Catch Fish
Catch 3 Fish
Fish for an hour
Level up in Fishing Skill
Mount a Fish
Purchase a fish

Skill increases:
Gardening, Fishing 1.8x increase

No other effects on careers, skills, autonomy.

Credits: Mod Constructor V3