Out of This World Eyes - Actual Eye Colour and/or Face Paint!

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2018 at 12:10 AM
Updated: 17th Aug 2018 at 11:16 AM
Hello Everyone!

Out of This World Eyes - Actual Eye Colour and/or Face Paint!

I have found that eyes are very important to me in The Sims games. I like vibrant eyes that really stand out.

There are so many wonderful eyes on this site, and I appreciate all of the creators' hard work that you already
see here on MTS, but I just wanted to share my set of Out of This World Eyes.

Since I like choice, I made these eyes similar to my Demonic Eyes in that there is a Face Paint version. This way, with different planned outfits, you can have different eyes without having to go back
and forth to CAS during gameplay.

**I have added an Eye Colour version by request**

There are 4 sets in this upload: solid colours, dark dual colours, and light dual colours as face paint, or ALL the colours in the Eye Colour package. They do not conflict with each other if you put both face paint and eye colours in your game.

Once in CAS, they are found in Makeup/Face Paint, or Eyes. I generally go into filters and tick off Custom Content with the Face Paint version because I never seem to have quite enough room to view all the colours.

They're available for random NPC use, and for human and vampire males and females aged teen through elder.

The source picture was 9.1MB orginally, so I only included a reduced size version, along with the link in credits.

Makeup and Eyebrows in pictures are linked to the right in Also recommended. Short rose gold hair is mine but not
available for download.


Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC


Eye Source by Amanda Linn at Pexels

Photoshop Glitter and Sparkle Brushes by Brusheezy