Airline Employee Career - 6 Career Tracks

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Hello Everyone!

Airline Employee Career - 6 Career Tracks

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This is a 6 track career, which means, once you complete the first 3 levels of Airline Employee (basically as a travel agent), you have 6 careers to choose from, each with 7 levels of their own. You will work for Sim Air, referenced from Sims 2 creator crocobaura, for continuity.

If anyone would like to translate the job descriptions in the second spoiler below, to any other language, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated!

You may choose any of the following 6 tracks once the first 3 levels are completed:

Station Attendant - be the one who handles passengers' baggage and cargo
Airport Customer Service Agent - check-in and manage boarding of passengers
Cargo Customer Service Agent - attend all computer aspects of cargo transport
Pilot - fly the planes and ensure passenger safety
Flight Attendant - ensure safety and comfort of all passengers during flight
Mechanic - maintain aircraft safety

Please remember, I have taken many liberties with these careers, even though they are actual jobs in the real world. For example, the wages are set to match the game's precedent, and even though the Station Attendant, Cargo Agent, and Airport Agent career tracks have levels, they are not actually levels in the real world, but are regular job functions, and some of the names of those levels come from my imagination, while others are actual positions bid for on the job, which is usually done every 6 months. I have performed many of the Cargo Agent and Airport Agent jobs in the real world, as I worked for a major Canadian airline for 12 years.

Being a travel agent is not a requirement to work for an airline, but it is a great job with lots of perks of its own in the real world.

The first two levels of the Mechanic career track are obviously not real, even though the rest are based off of actual career courses offered by State University Civil Service System.
Pilot levels 2,3 and 5 are derived from real certifications as described by Phoenix East Aviation.
The description for the Flight Attendant career track comes mainly from College Grad Flight Attendant Career Information. You will also notice a not-so-big jump in pay between a couple of the Flight Attendant career levels, based on the fact that a senior flight attendant will make more than a junior flight attendant, even on smaller aircraft.

All of the appropriate links are provided in the credits, and I encourage anyone interested in an airline career in real life to check them out.

Many of the career tracks require great focus, so I recommend using my Super Keener Trait when creating a Sim who you know will be attempting them, or use a cheat to give that trait to your Sim already in game.



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Thank you!
06AUG2018--I have updated this career, so if you have updated your game with the July 31/18 patch, please re-download using Simmiller_Careers_AirlineEmployee EFG This version contains English, and the French and German translations--

Additional Credits:
I used Neia's Create-a Career-Tool, which you can access by registering by clicking on the link.

College Grad Flight Attendant Career Information

State University Civil Service System Aircraft Mechanic Levels

Phoenix East Aviation for 6 Different Types of Pilot Certification

Airline Name Inspiration from MTS creator crocobaura

Photoshop CC was used to create the icons and career screenshots.

Sims 4 Icon Pack by puremorphin
Golden winged globe emblem by Juhele at openclipart
Avion hat vectors at Vecteezy