Two custom majors: jewellery and gemmology

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Uploaded: 28th May 2018 at 4:24 AM
Updated: 29th May 2018 at 12:43 PM - added link to diploma instructions
Here are two new majors of the artsy variety, intended to make college life a little more sparkly: a general jewellery one, and a specialised gemmology one. Additionally, you'll find the corresponding custom memories to add to your Tattered Diary/ Memory Manager/other similar item, should you wish to document the experience; and, after a week of research and testing, a college diploma override. Apart from this override, everything has a GUID from my block at SimPE. Details in spoilers because the page got really lengthy.

The files are separated for individual choice, but also gathered in a single download for convenience.

First though, you need the great Majors Made Easier from here, otherwise you cannot choose either of these majors.

1. Jewellery Major

Package details
Independent major in its own right, GUID 0x00911203

To the untrained eye, all accessories are the same, but here you'll learn to merely glance at an item and tell its base material, adornments, clasp type, and where it's likely to break first. Make sure to book your spring break away - there'll be lots of unsightly projects to bury in the sand or woods (and that's one of life's mysteries solved!).

2. Gemmology Major

Package details
Independent major in its own right, GUID 0x00911205

We call it Gemmology, but really, we mean diamonds. Taking them from raw mineral all the way to the most exquisite brilliant, ready to be set in gold or platinum and sold for five figures. It takes patience and vision and a long hard road, but in the end, you'll be one of the most respected professionals in the Cove.

Something I hadn't even considered before testing these is that they spawn their own Professors. So what I did, however bad a habit, was edit one of each pair to say Lecturer. Their lines in SimPE turned black in a long list of blue, which I don't know what signifies, but they were met as usual by new students, and conversation with them raised the academic meter as expected. Given more time, I'd probably change their appearance to something appropriately adorned and much, much less formal than the rest of staff. Just an option here .

3 and 4. Memories

These are absolutely optional, not least because you need to manually add them to whichever object you own that allows custom memories to be inserted. If you do want them, here are details:

5. The Diploma

This is, again, entirely optional, with the observation that without it, upon graduation your Sims would have a very nonspecific document, claiming they finished either Unknown or Undeclared.

Thank you for reading this far. I do hope at least one Simmer finds this useful -- quite aware it's a narrow field to choose.

Additional Credits:
I'm grateful for all the tools that made this possible: SimPE Majors Made Easier by FrikaC
Memory Manager with tutorial by DiLight
Custom Majors tutorial by Whiterider