Smoky Eye Shadow - ALL Skin Tones - Male and Female Versions

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2018 at 2:22 AM
Updated: 17th Jan 2021 at 4:59 PM
Hello Everyone!

Smoky Eye Shadow - ALL Skin Tones - Male and Female Versions

 16JAN2021 UPDATE not working...need to update, sorry!

Find it in CAS in Makeup/Eye Shadow. I tend to filter to show Custom Content, so that I can see all the colours :D

This set is available for males and females, Teen through Elder,
Human, Alien, and Vampire,
for all outfit categories.

You can download each in an allows random and no random version.
So, if you don't want a bunch of sims running around with this eye shadow on, pick the no random version.
If you love it and want to see some obviously very cool NPC sims wearing it (like I do), pick the allows random version


It's so hard to find eye shadow that looks the same on all skin tones. Most of EA's eye shadow settings
make it so the eye shadows are about 35% transparent (my own guess-timation), so they take on the colour of the Sim's skin.
You could make a black eye shadow, for example, put it on an Alien sim with blue skin, and it comes out blue!
This annoys the heck out of me

This set of smoky eye shadow looks the same on ALL skin tones.

You have options, with colours relevant to each skin tone.

And there are 35 smoky colours!

Shout out to MTS creators littledica and Buckley who helped me figure this out

The eyes on both sims, eyebrows, eye liner and lipstick on the female and the lipstick on the male in the images is linked, however the blush on the male sim is not yet available. Anything else is from the game.

Additional Credits:
Created Using Photoshop CC, and Sims4Studio