Kickin' It Wavy Bob Recolours - Seasons

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2018 at 8:49 PM
Hello Everyone!

Kickin' It Wavy Bob Recolours for Males and Females Aged Teen to Elder
Seasons Required

Oh my. I've done it this time
(insert face-palm here)

117 Recolours? Is that necessary? I say YES!!!
They finally make a decent bob, so I had to do it justice
(Don't worry, my math will make sense later because it looks like there are 119, and they are separated
into different style packages)

Here's why:

1. I redid the Maxis original solids and included them, whereas normally
I tell them to take a flying leap! So, with those and my other sold recolours
there are 45 in that set.

2. I made some chunky recolours, too! They are one shade, with lighter and darker chunks.
-There is a bright set, which includes the black and gray versions, with a total of 24 in that set.
-Also a muted set, which also includes the black and gray, with a total of 26.
There's your 2 duplicate colours, black and gray chunky in both sets. Math.

3. Finally, a lovely set of 24 multicoloured recolours. Some are different tones of the same colour,
while some are what I like to call my Unicorn colours, with several different shades therein.


Now, there are a lot of files, and here's the tech-speak on that:

af = adult female - includes teen-elder
am = adult male - includes teen-elder
AR = Allows Random - you'll see NPC's around town sporting this hairdo
NR = No Random - only the Sims you put this hairdo on will have it in game

4 different styles Solids, Bright Chunky, Muted Chunky, Multi-coloured

Each style comes available for males or females, allows random or no random

16 packages

I could do no less

---Find them in CAS in Hair---
--Available in ALL categories--

In Screenshots
All CC makeup, the dresses, eyes, counters, and curtains by me
CC walls and floors by me, but not available

littledica is the very fine creator of the
H&B Portal 2.0 - Expensive Refrigerator
and the H&B PowerWave - Stove

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC

Photoshop Gradients by Naif1470 at