Light Frosties - Lip Gloss - 23 Colours

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2019 at 8:54 PM
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Hello Everyone!

Light Frosties - Lipstick


This lovely set of 23 shades of Lip Gloss is made up of lightly frosted colours, a companion set to the darker Frosties Lipsticks.

They provide your Sims with a softer, glossier lip colour, perfect for day wear. Feel free to use them whenever you want, of course

For Males and/or Females aged teen through elder in my usual set of packages:

Females Allows Random
Females No Random
Males Allows Random
Males No Random
Males and Females Combined Allows Random
Males and Females Combined No Random

I have set it up so that if you choose either the Male or Female version, it will restrict the opposite gender.
For Example, if you put the Females Allows Random in your game, it won't show up for Males unless you also put in one of the Males packages.
The Males and Females combined packages you only need one of if you want them both to be Allows or No Random.

Allows Random means the game will pick and choose some NPC's to wear this lip gloss.
No Random means only the Sims you put the lip gloss on will wear it.

You choose!

You will find them in CAS in Makeup/Lips in All Outfit Categories

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