More Sims In Groups v1.0

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2019 at 3:34 PM
Ever wanted to have more than 8 sims in a group? How about that pool party where your guests just seem to prefer watching TV and pilfering your bar? Well, say goodbye to chaos and hello to control.

This is a rather simple mod. I tend to play with mods that increase the number of sims in lots and allowable party guests. But one thing that irked me a lot is only being able to form groups of 8 sims. So this mod lifts that restriction in 3 flavors: 15, 25 and 50 maximum sims allowed in a group. While I do love me some autonomous autonomy (uh?), sometimes said autonomy makes no sense or does something that breaks what you are trying to achieve. So I find groups (just like clubs) to be invaluable.

Just drop the preferred flavor of the mod and fire it up.

This mod will flood, then dry, then burn and proceed to leak gas and end up in a rather unpleasant explosion if any other mod touches the following resources:
Might have exaggerated a bit but you get the idea...right?

If you use the 25/50 version I highly recommend you use a 20 sims per zone cap remover...mainly because you can't have more than 20 sims without it otherwise making those options a bit redundant.

Additional Credits:
-S4S team