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Japanese Noren Print Panels on 8 Wall Hanging Scrolls - Set 1 - City Living Required

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2019 at 4:12 PM
Updated: 2nd Dec 2023 at 8:31 AM
Japanese Noren Print Wall Panels on 8 recolors of the City Living wall hanging scrolls. Set 1

These Noren (curtain) print panels are made from real Japanese fabric samples. I made some for my real-life home and decided I wanted them in my game too. I had to alter the fabric layout to fit the game pieces so they are a bit different from what I made at home.

If you like these panels and fabrics and like to sew, find them at equilter.com. They sell over 20,000 fabrics.

The Noren print panels sell out all the time but they always have some type of Noren and Sashiko panels. I'll give you the link to that section so you can look around.

They also have a free pattern maker if you want to try out any fabric they sell to make your own quilt patterns.

I plan on making some more of these and will upload other sets when I make them. They do take several hours to compile. Well, mainly because it takes forever for me to decide which fabrics go best with each other. lol

This is as close as I can get without chopping off part of it.

City Living Required
Find them under decor/wall hangings:

I put in all those little lanterns so the wall scrolls would light up properly. You can get them from DOT at the Sims Resource - https://www.thesimsresource.com/dow...set/id/1312963/

Please note that the scroll dowels are clear in-game but I placed them using bb.moveobjects so the wood part of the wooden dowels seems to run the fabric color. The fabrics don't run. The different color dowels are just on top of each other and the game is spazzing out trying to let both color dowels show at once.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to quilter.com for publishing so many fabulous fabrics! (I am broke now!)