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Container Stack - CC-free

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Uploaded: 20th May 2019 at 4:00 AM
Continuing from my apocalypse community set...
Most apocalypse lots use masses of glorious custom content, and fully-constructed tower houses cost far more than your founder should be able to afford. My goal was to build a set of decent apocalypse starters, without CC, utilizing the goodies Maxis gave us already.

The first lot was a very basic tower, following the original build rules.
The second was the Suburban Survival, an ordinary little split-level family home.

This house, the Container Stack, was designed for Phaenoh's variant of the Apocalypse Challenge, which is less strict about building design, and more about storytelling and realism. For those wanting a little more living space, and willing to forego having a car, this house is built of recycled shipping containers for a modern apocalyptic look.

The house is made of three metal containers (plus a small extension, for indoor access to the stairs). The total floor plan is 192 tiles, equal to three floors of 8x8 if one built to the original specs. No carport, but extra space for family as a result. The front porch and top deck are covered as per the rules, and their area is included in the total. The upstairs deck is fenced, at least partly to remind you not to put anything outside the protected zone.

I built this house for use in a later stage of the challenge, when travel is easier and a car less necessary, but it is furnished as a starter. Non-electric lights are included.

The ground floor includes the main bedroom and the living / kitchen area, with a bathroom in the corner between the two spaces. There are a number of arches in the connecting area, so there shouldn't be too many traffic jams. The covered entry deck offers extra living space on warmer days. Windows and doors on the lower level have been reinforced for security.

There is a staircase behind the bathroom, enclosed by wood hoardings, which leads up to the roof and the third container. The top container is currently empty, but could be used as extra sleeping space or an activity room. Part of the flat roof is covered by an awning, and can therefore be used for storage. The rest of the roof is fenced off for the moment.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): $18, 294

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Pinstar, Phaenoh and the numerous others who have created, updated and maintained the Apocalypse Challenge over the years.

Created using Numenor's AnyGameStarter for a clean environment.