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1st floor
  • Child playroom and family otaku restaurant

    2nd floor
  • MySims merch store (decorative)
  • CD-ROM and flash recorded music store (decorative)
  • Snowglobes store (decorative)
  • Internet cafe
  • Lounge with live music

    3rd floor
  • Anime, manga and journals library
  • Voidcritters card spawners (at shelves)
  • Photo studio
  • Karaoke booth

    4th floor
  • Bar stall
  • Night club with DJ booth
  • Wending machines

  • Kids space rocket playground
  • Snowglobes and City posters spawners

  • Shed fer toddlers
  • Japaneese food stall at back yard
  • Graffiti zones at back yard

    Additionly restaurant has
  • Custom menus. Main and snacks are based on experimental, fruit, japaneese, seafood and cooking fer toddlers. Drinks from up all night add-on and desserts from cupcake priducing machine.
  • Custom staff wearing
  • Custom visitors wearing dress code

NO CC WAS USED so feel free to use yours one

General tips to place the lot
  • You need Up All Night add-on that was go to Sims 4 Digital Deluxe. I used a lot of drinks and recipes from there to add to restaurant menu.
  • Building contains a lot of enlarged, reduced, climbed and move-object'ed items so don`t forget to turn bb.moveobjects on before place the lot.
  • If you as me want to use this building as a family restaurant, you better to know some game bugs. EA did not added a full support fer toddlers to visit restaurants as well as any community lots. But you can make it when follow next instructions:
    - Move tod's parents to restaurant
    - Move your toddler to restaurant then and add him to a group
    - Reserve table you want
    Then you has two ways:
    - You can order fer food to all grown ups and can choose for toddlers but only from menu that is accassable from Toddlers high chair (shaped and cheese crackers, peas etc) Don't order any drinks even those are accessable. Toddlers will not drink them.
    - After server will bring a request you need to place food you requested for toddlers to high chair unsing a buy mode hand tool.
    -Then put your tod to high chair and he can eat food
    -You can order fer food to all grown ups and toddles from all menu card. Still don't order any drinks even those are accessable because toddlers will not drink them.
    - After server will bring a request your tod can grab his plate from table but he will eat it on a armchair.
    - Food fer grown ups are less increasing hunger fer toddlers
    If you don't care of such complicated ways, u can read a short thread by Tatiana in Additional Credits
  • Custom servers wearing is using 3rd slot from catalogue and probably replaces diner type.
  • You can switch this restaurant to Bar/Lounge/Nightclub/Karaoke bar. It depends on those type of events you want to see in there. You can switch between lot assignments any times you are on lot using buy mode but Restaurant type need to leave and enter again to be spawned by staff.
    If you like challenges, each time before your sims leave you can throw a dice with all of those plus basic for choose assignment to switch.
  • This restaurant is the best to place in fashion district of San Myshuno`instead of Planet Honey Pop! karaoke bar.
  • Was build and playtested as night club, restaurant and karaoke in game version:

  • 5.10.19: Added new screenshots of custom staff wear. Added new hash and related.

Arigato. Vic ^_^

Lot Type:Restaurant (can be swiched to Bar/Lounge/Nightclub/Karaoke bar)
Lot Features:Teen Neighborhood and Fast Internet lot traits

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 402.544
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Additional Credits:
Parkjoonho fer help with japanese ideas
Alex's mockup frames used as background
Tatiana for this thread

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #japanese, #japan, #restaurant