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More BITS! An Overhaul of The Sims 3's Soundtrack

by mypantsfelldown Posted 25th Dec 2019 at 6:25 PM - Updated 28th Nov 2020 at 7:13 PM by mypantsfelldown
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This is a featured upload! It showcases the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
UPDATE 25.08.20
Wow, apparently this update is going out exactly a month after the last. I don't see how I can improve the mod much more after this (aside from adding new music), so I truly do expect this update to be the last for quite a while. See the changelog below:

  • A new track! "Middle Finger" by Jerry Martin has now been replaced. It came with 70s 80s & 90s stuff, and can be found on the Rock station.
  • I've discovered a better way to ensure no chirping without every track having tons of silence/fading at the start, so everything has been cleaned up.
  • Somehow I used the wrong encoding settings for the stereo music and they were still 256kbps VBR. They are now -Q 0.
  • All of the music now has a lowpass at 20kHz.
  • All of the music has been normalised with replaygain. Thank you PhenomIIFX for the suggestion!
  • I was dissatisfied with how flat the gypsy rabbit hole loop sounded, so I edited it a little. I tried to replicate how it would sound coming from inside of a cramped gypsy wagon. Alternatively, the faithful version is still available in the Supernatural archive. Only one of these can be used at once, obviously. I also fixed a bug that caused the loop to play globally regardless of camera position.
  • EDIT: I've removed the edit town fixes because gamefreak has already posted them here.
  • The stereo music from expansions is usually 2 tracks at most, so I've merged game and stereo music into the same package. If you'd rather not have the stereo music, you can just delete the SNR and SNS files for each song with S3PE.
As always, you can find a combined package file containing everything in the comments.

This is a mod that introduces higher bitrate music obtained from the digital music releases of the Sims 3's soundtracks. In addition, the mod features new music from the console editions of the game. Not all of the game's music has been released in a higher quality format, so there is some music that I couldn't replace. The old music will still play, it just won't sound as good. In the spoilers below you can find tracklists for each of the songs replaced.

  • I recommend that you combine all of the packages from this mod into one. It won't affect the mod's functionality, and will save loading time. Also ensure that the combined package file is NOT compressed for maximum performance.
  • This mod directly replaces the game's .SNR and .SNS files for music. If you have another mod that replaces .SNR or .SNS files, there will be a conflict. Or if the .AUDTUN files for the title screen, loading screen, map view, CAS, build or buy are changed, then there is a chance that the game will not use this mod's audio resources.
  • The game will not play music for an expansion you don't have.
  • After spending a long time in CAS, the music may come to a stop. This can be remedied by previewing a track in the music menu and then going back. This bug is not caused by MoreBITS.
  • Although all of the files have been normalised with replaygain, certain tracks were mastered differently for the digital releases and have less dynamic range.
  • Replacing music in this game hasn't been experimented with that much. I have done extensive testing and my game seems to be completely fine. If you experience otherwise, please let me know.
  • Tracks not replaced by this mod will still play absolutely fine.
  • If you hear any kind of popping or distortion at the beginning of any of the songs, please let me know so I can fix it!

Technical Details
Lastly, here are the technicalities! All of the audio in this mod was encoded by LAME 3995o from a 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC source using the -Q 0 preset and a lowpass at 20kHz.

The game's original music was encoded at 192kbps VBR, so those with reasonably good ears/equipment should hear a difference.

Additional Credits:
Wojtek for their tutorial
Flyby for their tutorial
Arsil for their tutorial
Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE Ben Moench for the EALayer3 tool
Steve Jablonsky, Christopher Lennertz and Junkie XL for a wonderful soundtrack
Buurz and Gamefreak130 for their tips and advice
Tags: #Soundtrack, #Music, #320, #Bitrate, #Quality, #FLAC, #PCM

Type: Other

You must have the expansion, game version or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. Please see the post text for any exceptions.

Sims 3
Built with Game Version: 1.69

This is a multi-part download:

The "Basegame - Stereo" download is multi-part and must be extracted appropriately!
Key: - File was updated after upload was posted
Filename - Tip: You can click the magnifying glass to see the archive contents Size Downloads Date

Size: 49.97 MB · Downloads: 415 · 3rd Nov 2020
49.97 MB 415 3rd Nov 2020

Size: 29.33 MB · Downloads: 376 · 26th Aug 2020
29.33 MB 376 26th Aug 2020

Size: 46.70 MB · Downloads: 381 · 26th Aug 2020
46.70 MB 381 26th Aug 2020

Size: 85.86 MB · Downloads: 302 · 26th Aug 2020
85.86 MB 302 26th Aug 2020

Size: 43.27 MB · Downloads: 392 · 26th Aug 2020
43.27 MB 392 26th Aug 2020

Size: 50.53 MB · Downloads: 366 · 26th Aug 2020
50.53 MB 366 26th Aug 2020

Size: 16.74 MB · Downloads: 337 · 26th Aug 2020
16.74 MB 337 26th Aug 2020

Size: 74.25 MB · Downloads: 376 · 26th Aug 2020
74.25 MB 376 26th Aug 2020

Size: 47.95 MB · Downloads: 371 · 26th Aug 2020
47.95 MB 371 26th Aug 2020

Size: 47.95 MB · Downloads: 386 · 26th Aug 2020
47.95 MB 386 26th Aug 2020

Size: 6.64 MB · Downloads: 285 · 26th Aug 2020
6.64 MB 285 26th Aug 2020

Size: 49.97 MB · Downloads: 361 · 26th Aug 2020
49.97 MB 361 26th Aug 2020

Size: 7.37 MB · Downloads: 313 · 26th Aug 2020
7.37 MB 313 26th Aug 2020

Size: 21.19 MB · Downloads: 435 · 25th Aug 2020
21.19 MB 435 25th Aug 2020

Size: 97.00 MB · Downloads: 439 · 25th Aug 2020
97.00 MB 439 25th Aug 2020
Basegame - Individual Tracks - Map.7z

Size: 27.04 MB · Downloads: 381 · 25th Aug 2020
27.04 MB 381 25th Aug 2020
Basegame - Individual Tracks - CAS.7z

Size: 26.50 MB · Downloads: 394 · 25th Aug 2020
26.50 MB 394 25th Aug 2020
Basegame - Individual Tracks - Buy.7z

Size: 27.40 MB · Downloads: 403 · 25th Aug 2020
27.40 MB 403 25th Aug 2020
Basegame - Individual Tracks - Build & Main Theme.7z

Size: 31.36 MB · Downloads: 437 · 25th Aug 2020
31.36 MB 437 25th Aug 2020
Don't forget to Thank the creator after downloading! Use the Thanks button located above the screenshots above.
Basic Download and Install Instructions:

See: Game Help:TS3 CC Basicswiki for a full guide!
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Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#51 Old 17th Aug 2020 at 2:20 AM
Originally Posted by PhenomIIFX
As a self diagnosed audiophile, please allow me to post some tips:

Use foobar2000's build-in ReplayGain feature to normalize volume. Right click selected track in your playlist then use ReplayGain - Scan per-file track gain, then click Update File Tags after the scan is finished. Enable apply track gain when encoding to get MP3s with normalized volume.

Use custom encoding parameters with foobar2000: -S --noreplaygain -q 0 -b 320 -B 320 -Y -V 0 - %d. This setting will sound better than 320k CBR. Reasons can be explained here.

Hi there! Nice to see another audiophile in the community.

Thank you for your tips about replaygain. I don't typically use foobar to encode the MP3 files, as I have a bunch of bat files and python scripts that automate the encoding process, but maybe I could work it in.

I use a modified version of LAME (3995o) to encode audio and I use the -Q 0 preset. It's not exactly the same as the settings you gave, but it is a VBR-CBR hybrid and it tends to average about 317kbps on each track. Personally, I don't see the need to keep any frequencies above 20kHz. Frequencies above 15kHz aren't encoded with much precision anyway, and I would rather have the top end of those bits allocated to a more audible frequency (as little a difference that would make). The version uploaded here right now doesn't have a lowpass, but I will soon be updating again with a few more tweaks and the lowpass.
Lab Assistant
#52 Old 18th Aug 2020 at 2:54 AM
I agree it's best to allocate more data to sounds below 16Khz where human hearing is more sensitive that's why I suggest using the LAME -Y switch.
Newest version of LAME is v3.100, it's always better to use newest encoder.
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#53 Old 25th Aug 2020 at 3:36 PM Last edited by mypantsfelldown : 26th Aug 2020 at 11:33 AM.
Time for another update! You can find a changelog in the upload description.

You can find a combined package file here. Please note that this includes my edited version of the gypsy rabbit hole loop. Enjoy!
Lab Assistant
#54 Old 17th Sep 2020 at 2:54 AM
Well, I'm still crashing.
Would it help if I said I had a Realtek High Definition Audio card, and that I use Voicemeeter? Cause I suspect that might be the reason for the crashes cause it's only when I use Voicemeeter that I have that issue.
(I was still using the pre-August update though cause I didn't check for updates)

Edit: Also, sorry for the late reply.
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#55 Old 17th Sep 2020 at 3:57 AM
Originally Posted by Epierc32
Well, I'm still crashing.
Would it help if I said I had a Realtek High Definition Audio card, and that I use Voicemeeter? Cause I suspect that might be the reason for the crashes cause it's only when I use Voicemeeter that I have that issue.
(I was still using the pre-August update though cause I didn't check for updates)

Edit: Also, sorry for the late reply.

That's unfortunate. Were you using a version prior to the one I posted on 25th July? That update completely changed the encoding of the audio to the method that should be completely stable. So far I haven't had any complaints from using this method. When does the game crash, exactly? Because if it's not inbetween songs, then there's a fairly good chance it's probably caused by Voicemeeter. I can't speak for TS3 personally, but quite a few of my other games have squabbled with Virtual Audio Cable in the past. With the vast array of issues TS3 has, I can imagine there being a few potential issues there.
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#56 Old 3rd Nov 2020 at 11:53 PM
Update! I've added Mama Do by Pixie Lott to the World Adventures archive. You can also find an updated combined package here.
Test Subject
#57 Old 6th Dec 2020 at 11:34 PM
Just have to ask: for the other tracks that have so far remained in the original lower-quality audio sources from the game, do you plan to reconstruct the high-frequency content by adding in harmonic exciter effects at some point?
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#58 Old 7th Dec 2020 at 8:01 AM
Originally Posted by djtechno95
Just have to ask: for the other tracks that have so far remained in the original lower-quality audio sources from the game, do you plan to reconstruct the high-frequency content by adding in harmonic exciter effects at some point?

I've thought about this before, and I've even had a faff with a few of those de-lossify plugins. I came to the conclusion that the source files aren't really low enough quality to warrant the extra bloated filesize. If they were 128kbps non joint stereo mp3s like Sims 2's files, then I would consider it (because those sound god awful), but I feel like a vast majority of the improvements made by any plugins would be reversed when encoding the files back to mp3 again.
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