New Legacy Home - 4 BR, 4.5 BA

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CC Shutters by alverdine included with home but not 100% necessary:


A few weeks ago I uploaded what I thought would be my final upload for The Sims 3, my Legacy Lane Houses. Today I got a little bored and decided to put one more in the mix. Hopefully this one will be my last! Don't hold me to it, but I think this will be it (for real this time!)!

However, because home this was not originally part of my plan, I couldn't decide WHO I wanted this house to be for. I have each of my other Legacy Homes decorated to a specific sims/families taste, but I didn't put this home together with anyone in mind. Therefore I decided to leave this house as pretty much a blank slate - a "move-in ready" home, if you will! As such, the house has standard, real-world starter qualities (This is deemed "Fixtures only" on MTS), such as a furnished kitchen, finished bathrooms, and landscaped yard but the living spaces (including bedrooms) are completely empty save for wall and floor coverings. I used to upload a "move-in ready" version of some of my houses along side their fully finished counterparts, but haven't done so for quite a while. This is the first time I am uploading strictly "move-in ready" though!

This home is clearly inspired by my many attempts to make a perfect 4354 Wisteria Lane. The floor plan is very similar to how I created that home in The Sims 4 in February 2019. The interior furnishings are different though, as are the exterior coverings and placement of windows. Also, this home was built on a different sized lot. That means three/six of my legacy homes are inspired by Wisteria Lane - what can I say, I just really like using them as inspiration!

Anyway, as the title suggests, I intend for this to be a legacy home for some of my sims in the future, and I hope you find this home large enough for your own legacy families, too! I hope you enjoy this large Dutch Colonial home! Supernatural is used for the exterior windows, doors, and fencing. Interior is BASE GAME ONLY!


Four bedrooms
Four Bathrooms (three en-suite)
Two Fireplaces
Two Living Areas
Dining Room
Multiple Small Decks
Detached Garage
Large, Semi-Landscaped Yard

Additionally, the room to the left of the kitchen is intended to be some sort of laundry room. I have Ambitions installed, but decided that I wanted this house to only require one expansion pack, so I left the washer/dryer out. There is more than enough room to custom-place your own, however.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 123660
Lot Price (unfurnished): 116253