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54 Gender Neutral Bathroom Doors - Base Game Recolour

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Uploaded 26th Feb 2020 at 11:49 PM

Hello Everyone!

54 Gender Neutral Bathroom Doors - Base Game Recolour

The game's unisex bathroom door is kind of boring. To keep up with the times, I've changed the male/female symbol with Finland's version.

I've included the zip file found on the website here in case anyone wants to use the symbol for anything, it's free to use

I changed the original 19 doors, and added 35 recolours! Variety is the spice of life, after all

The doors are found in Build Mode > Doors at 50 simoleons each, with their own icon as they are a standalone recolour.

As always, please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Finland's unisex symbol by Pekka Piippo.

Style: Modern Ultra Modern
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #unisex, #gender neutral, #bathroom