Artistic Floril Tattoos

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Uploaded 4th Apr 2020 at 2:22 PM · Updated 10th Aug 2020 at 2:19 AM by Simularity : Updated with more detail and closer/better screenshots.

UPDATE August 09, 2020: I updated all the tattoos with new and improved thumbnails, disabled their ability to appear on random townies, etc. Please delete the old files and download the new. Thank you!

Here we have a collection of beautiful artistically styled tattoos with a floral theme! There are five tattoo designs in all, each on a different body area, and each design has four to six color variations! Please see the included images in this post to see all the designs and color options.
  • All tattoos are Base Game Compatible
  • All tattoos are found in the Body-->Tattoo section of CAS for Female Sims Only.
  • For Age groups: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder.
  • The Lower Ab Tattoo has a loop on the bottom of the tattoo that peeks out of most low-cut bikini bottoms.
  • The Belly Tattoo is made to surround the Sim's bellybutton.

Please do not recolor and/or redistribute these tattoos! Thank you for understanding.

Additional Credits:
Created using Sims 4 Studio!