Maritime Transport Career *UPDATED 08.06.22*

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Maritime Transport Career
4 Levels

1. Tugboat Deckhand
$22/HR 5AM-9PM M T W TH F S
You're going to be a deckhand for awhile so it's best to get used to it now. You're going to do most of the work and you're going to get paid the least. Your duties are helping with docking, setting up towing rigs, maintaining and repairing, cleaning the deck and cabin areas, standing watch, and completing safety and security duties.

2. Tugboat Chief Engineer
$30/HR 5AM-9PM M T W TH F S
You will be monitoring mechanical systems to make sure there aren't any problems that will slow the operation of the ship. Proper monitoring prevents large failure from happening unexpectedly. Your role is pretty important and if something mechanical malfunctions, it is either your fault or your responsibility to fix it immediately!

3. Tugboat Mate
$42/HR 5AM-9PM M T W TH F S
You're second in charge and should be ready to step in charge at a moment's notice! You'll assist the Captain with the operation of the towboat and determine navigation and towing functionalities. You are responsible of ensuring the safe passage of the towboat. Make sure to check your navigation routes twice!

4. Tugboat Captain
$56/HR 5AM-9PM M T W TH F S
You are now the master of the tugboat vessel and you are responsible for all of its operations. You'll be manning the helm and that means you are the one steering the vessel. You manage crew operations and can expect to communicate with other vessels on the waterways on a daily and nightly basis.

Objectives: Fitness and Handiness
Language: Currently only available in English
Notes: No chance cards. No work uniform.

**I needed a career like this in my game, so I created one. I wanted a career that someone worked A LOT and could be gone for a week at a time and then take vacation days to have a week off - a week on/a week off. That doesn't really work in game and it really takes a toll on a Sim's needs. So, I opted for a 12 hour day every day of the week except Sunday. It's better than nothing and I can let my imagination take care of the rest.

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