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Simplicit-Ease Chair in Grandmas Roses

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2021 at 4:49 PM
Hello Everyone!

Simplicit-Ease Chair in Grandmas Roses

I was recently reminded that I hadn't recoloured this chair yet to match the Elder's Theme upload I did called Redesigned with Grandma's Style, and the separate upload of Hipster Hugger Sofa Unlocked - Matching Love Seat and Living Chair!

Now you can finally mix and match all these pieces of furniture to your heart's delight.


14 colours
In game name: Simplicit-Ease Chair in Grandmas Roses by Simmiller
160 Simoleons
Found in Comfort/Living Chairs or by clicking on the living chair in the Living Room section

Additional Credits:
Unfortunately MoffZolloKaven's website is no longer available, which is where I got the roses pattern from, previously linked in the 2 uploads mentioned above.