Sim State - The Sims 3 Open For Business Mini Expansion v1.4

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2021 at 11:40 AM
Updated: 20th Jun 2021 at 2:02 PM by Lyralei
Welcome to Sim State! A new mini expansion focused on adding ownable stores to the game in an open ended format. Create a store, hire employees, set objects for sale (without rugs!), restock objects, earn XP on sales to increase your rank and more! Check it out below!

DISCLAIMER: The mod has been thoroughly tested by myself and other simmers but due to the nature of public release I cannot guarantee you won't run into a new one! As a rule make backups to keep your saves safe, but you can shutdown a business by purchasing a computer and using the 'Manage Business' option on the lot, this should fix any Sim State specific issues for a buggy lot. Thanks!


(last updated by Lyralei)

- Added extra checks when calling in the employees and making sure it's less likely to throw a script error. Instead, it will let you know what went wrong and a few tips on how to fix it!
- Optimised the event calls, (Things like 20 min checking whether your employees are working, when they should come to the store, etc) . If you experienced any lagging with this mod, then this should help!
- Fixed a bug where the advertisement days got substracted by the hour, rather than per day.
- Added German localization (Thanks to Simmortality!)

-Power Surge lighting cut should only affect normal household lights not 'invisible lighting'.
-Hiring an employee already on the business lot should now correctly add the new 'Manage Employee...' interactions.
-Rank 5 $10000 payout should now actually happen...
-Added SuperRestocking business reward! Restock up to 10 objects in your store!
-A few grammatical localisation improvements!
-Added advertising! Choose between online and TV based adverts with unique advantages to your store including increased customers, XP, customer satisfaction & random sponsers!
-Uploaded vanilla UI version for those who prefer to use the default notification system!
-Vacation travelling should no longer cause errors/affect the mod.
-Service NPC's, pets, active household members and servos should not get asked to leave at closing time.
-Changed startup business account balance back to $0! A few people didn't like the fee going into your business funds as it made setting up a business a bit too easy
-A tweak to ensure all employees have the manage employee options if on the lot!

-Employees should now stay on the lot after they are called in & enter residential lots again!
-Customer limits have been increased slightly.
-Objects should now be sent to the correct inventories (most of the time...).
-Restocking now only works for large objects, sim inventory objects now require manual restocking. (Food, Books etc, just the way the mod handles buy mode objects vs smaller objects like gems, metals etc)
-You must now have enough money to restock!
-Your store will be closed if your business balance drops below 0!
-Business rank XP rates have been raised! (People were reaching Rank level 5 too quickly!)
-New business reward - $5000 grant
-Business rewards go towards business funds not family funds now.
-The business startup fee now goes into the business account funds when you create your store.
-Fixed security system bug.
-Insurance payouts now actually happen! The rate is 50% of the stolen object, but you require the security system to use it.
-Business rank level 5 stores will no longer have customers complain about high prices, although they won't pay above the 25% mark up still  so you can't be greedy! :p
-Rank level 5 stores also get a $10000 grant and a 3% boost to all future profits.
-At rank level 5 customers may also randomly comment on your stores greatness!
-Increased chance of customer purchasing objects!

More updates incoming but hopefully this'll fix a few of the employee issues and incorrect inventory objects bugs. As always please backup your game before trying new versions. Thanks! SSD

v1.1 - Active household members and employees should no longer autonomously purchase store objects!


-Ownable Stores

Create and run stores across town, you can open a maximum of one business per lot, but there are no limits on the amount of stores you can run! Pay the $1000 set up fee and start today!

Note: In order to open the store, you have to have some money put into the company account. To do this, click on any computer > Manage business > Deposit

-Hire & Manage Employees

Use the scripted OFB register to manage your store and hire/fire employees! Call them into work and assign them roles, you can even switch households and work at a store run by another sim, create managers and complex economy systems around your town! Running an upmarket boutique? Customise your employee uniforms to match the style.

-XP & Ranks

Stores level up in rank similar to resorts. Using a custom UI system you can earn up to 5 stars which allow for more employees and higher prices! The ratio is 1:10 per Simolean earned!

-Customer Satisfaction Points

Inspired by a similar mechanic used in The Sims 2 your businesses earn points for each purchase. Use these points to purchase the $1000 cash reward or a security system!

-Super Restocking - V1.3

A new business reward perk for 25 Customer Satisfaction Points which will allow you to restock up to 10 objects all at once! (Its quite fun to watch too :p) Happy managing!

-Advertising - V1.3

Now you can set up advertising for your business! Adds an extra layer to your business empire by upping your customer base! Choose between online or televised each with unique perks including customer sponsors, additional XP and a bump in customer satisfaction points!

-Prestige (Rank 5) - V1.2/3

Congratulations you reached rank level 5! Now you get a $10000 business grant as a reward alongside other perks. Finally there is a random chance that your store will be showered with nice compliments from customers who recognise what an amazing store you're running!

-Petty Theft

Yup! Crime can be an issue for your stores, keep and eye out on sims eager for a freebie! If you see a notification popup and your stock diminishing you may be able to catch the thief quickly by clicking on them and using the 'Stop Thief' interaction; this will call the police and have them arrested! Purchase the security system to automatically call them and halt any negative impact on your Customer Satisfaction Points!

Keep an eye on those Kleptomaniacs and Evil sims... but anyone with the right motive could leave you missing a few items!

-Mystery Shoppers

Randomly sims that visit your store will have a chance of being a mystery shopper which will earn you a nice bonus of funds! Keep objects stocked up and prices fair to stand the best chance of high rewards. Can you get a perfect 100/100 score?

-Frugal Sims...

Not everyone will be happy with your inflated prices, keep some objects set to a low mark-up to ensure frugal sims don't complain!

-Power Surges

Randomly during thunderstorms your sims have a chance of experience a power cut! Don't worry though, the don't last long... usually!

-Custom UI's & New In game Lessons

A few visual improvements to the notification system give a fresh look to the game. You can also find 8 new lessons under the 'Sim State' heading!

(Choose WITH_UI for the new blue notifications or WITHOUT_UI for the default vanilla version!)


File Finder (

Feel free to republish/fix bugs/add content/remove content or whatever you like! All I ask is that you refer back to the original mod as credit but I won't be doing anything about it if you don't either haha! Thanks for anyone interested in looking at how it works!


Well after months of work and the great sims community I am pleased to finally release the mod! As mentioned above it may have a few outstanding bugs but hopefully nothing too serious, let me know how you find it in the comments!

I would love to see what stores you run with Sim State so please post about the mod and your experiences on social media and YouTube!

A few special thanks go out to Battery, GameFreak, Lyralei and Zoeee for all their help getting this project to release and helping me understand the Sims 3 API and learn C#!

Finally I will be posting the source code and assets as open source in the near future, I am stepping back from active development myself but I know there's a selection of active simmers interested in supporting the mod into the future. I would appreciate credit for the original idea and version but if you wish to take the mod/update it or release it in an updated form elsewhere I would be interested to see where it goes!

Thank you to everyone who helped out and everyone who tries the mod, I really hope it adds something new and fun to The Sims 3 scene! I really believe that with the right motivation someone could create an entire new EP for TS3 it really is very moddable when you get stuck in!



Sim State Dude (& Co)