12 Iris Overlays - Face Paint

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2021 at 4:27 PM
12 Iris Overlays - Face Paint

These 12 iris overlays are found in face paint, and therefore are customizable using sliders.

I've called them iris overlays because most of the pupil and sclera is unaffected, only the coloured portion of the eye, and as such can be made more or less transparent, allowing the original eye colour to work with the overlay. There really aren't enough mods for customizing eyes, and I hope to be making more in the future.

These will work with EA eyes, and any CC eyes that are in the eye category. You will not be able to use other face paint while wearing these, however.

They are excellent for parties, but you can certainly use them for all outfits! I have made them not allowed for random, so NPC's won't be walking around with these awesome effects, only the sims you put them on.

Have fun and happy simming!