Feline Tails 2.0

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2022 at 4:17 AM
Updated: 19th Oct 2022 at 9:22 AM
A new set of tails suitable for any and all varieties of cat people, teen through elder. The swatches are all color-matched to my feline skins (linked in the sidebar). The skin detail version works like any skin detail and will stay on while nude/bathing, and the accessory version can be found in the glasses category in CAS. Both are incompatible with glasses, because the skin detail version still uses the same UV.

As with most tail accessories, they’re static and clip through furniture, but look at least decent with pretty much all vanilla animations. Plans to animate them have been abandoned for now due to technical limitations of the game.

Update 10/18/22: Tiger tails! There is once again a tail to match every currently available skin. I also added meshes for all LODs because somehow I just. forgot to do that. I also changed the file name of the accessory version to be a little clearer so make sure you delete the old one from your mods folder if that's the version you use.