Copperdale High School

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Copperdale High School

(My English is poor, I use google)
I flattened the whole Copperdale High School and rebuilt it;
Now the school is more in line with the "old" and "peaceful" feel.

NO CC, Enjoy :D


I created these special rooms in hopes of being more realistic at Copperdale High School:
- Student Union
- The principal's office has a secretary seat
- Cooperatives
- photo agency
- Florist cum café
- Dance club
- Computer classroom
- Home Economics Classroom
- Painting Club
- Music club
- Parent reception room
- Career Room
- Health room
- Clothing room

Outdoor area:
- basketball court
- a garden where you can barbecue
- Lecture area
- Activity area
- swimming pool
- bus waiting station
- carp pond
- a parking area for bicycles

Of course have:
- Student canteen
- General science classroom
- Item storage area
- Principal room

7 places with toilets, food to buy on every floor,
and many places to snooze and use computers;
keep your Sims healthy and refreshed.

Make sure you have these before you start playing:
Expansion Pack-
1. Get to Work
2. Get Together
3. City Living
4. Cats & Dogs
5. Seasons
6. Get Famous
7. Island Living
8. Discover University
9. Eco Lifestyle
10. Snowy Escape
11. Cottage Living
12.High School Years

Game Pack-
1. Outdoor Retrea
2. Spa Day
3. Dine Out
4. Vampires
5. Parenthood
6. Jungle Adventure
7. Strangerville
8. Realm of Magic
9. Star Wars™: Journey to Batuu
10. Dream Home Decorator
11. My Wedding Stories
12. Werewolves

1.Luxury Party Stuff
2.Perfect Patio Stuff
3.Movie Hangout Stuff
4.Romantic Garden Stuff
5. Kids Room Stuff
6. Backyard Stuff
7. Vintage Glamour Stuff
8. Bowling Night Stuff
9. Fitness Stuff
10. Toddler Stuff
11.Laundry Day Stuff
12. Moschino Stuff
13. Tiny Living Stuff
14. Nifty Knitting Stuff
15. Paranormal Stuff

1. Country Kitchen Kit
2. Bust the Dust Kit
3. Courtyard Oasis Kit
4.Industrial Loft Kit
5.Blooming Rooms Kit
6. Little Campers Kit

Holiday Celebration Pack