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Decorations & props - small pack.

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2024 at 6:13 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2024 at 1:40 PM
* Too lazy to decorate your home? I have an offer for you.
* This set consists of large objects with small decorations. They can be used to quickly decorate a room.
* Here is the list.
* 1. "Magic Table" by Schnapplez
* 2. "Office Desk" by radioactive (The Sims 4). NECROPOLIS STATUES - JENNISIMS (The Sims 4). Cats - Nicolai Kilstrup. Newspaper Stack - karlwirbelwind.
* 3. "Rococo Table" by Erika Dejnes. Toy tanks - Mad_Lobster_Workshop. Kit books - Bowen154. Blunderbuss - Lokeig. Flower - macarossi.
* 4. "Royal Remembrance Hall Table" from The Sims 4. Skull Vase and Roses by Natalia-Auditore (The Sims 4).
* 5. "Two Side Tables and Wooden Ladder" by radioactive (The Sims 4).
* 6. "Wizard Table" by Peter Nox
* 7. "Wooden Table" by Pixel Life. Holy Cross - Pixel Life. Potion and Ingredients Bottles Witcher - owlik. Shabby Books - KIFIR. Winged Dragon - Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Ignore the antivirus message, there are no problems with these files.
Read this thread FuryCat
Update. I uploaded the wrong archive "wooden table.zip". Everything is fine now.