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Sim Service Specialist (Call Center)

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2024 at 8:32 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2024 at 12:18 AM
Any updates for this career will only be posted in my main blog. I will no longer be updating this here nor will be posting anymore on this site thus any questions/comments will not be read. If you have any issues or questions, please direct it in my Asks and I will gladly help!

Job Offer:
Hey there, future Sim Service Specialist! Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in customer care? Join our team and become the voice of joy for Sims everywhere! As a Sim Service Specialist in our vibrant call center, you'll dive headfirst into a whirlwind of wacky inquiries, epic problem-solving quests and heartwarming interactions with our beloved Sims community. Apply now and become part of our wacky team!

Career Details:
Available for: Young Adults, Adults and Elders
Available Languages: English
Levels: 10
Rabbit Hole: Business and Journalism
Metrics: Charisma (for levels 1-9), Logic (for levels 6-9), Relationships, Mood, Meetings (for level 10 only)
Performance Tones: Business as Usual, Peak Performance, Coffee Break, Team Huddle, Desk Detour, Hold Meetings, Practice Call Scripts, Suck up to Boss, Strategy Review and Conduct Evaluation
Does it have Carpool? Yes
Does it have Uniforms? Yes
  • same uniforms used for the Business career
  • Female Sims refer here
  • Male Sims refer here
Version: 1.42
Packs Needed: The Sims 3
File Type: Package

Career Features:
Hello everyone! This is part two of the small gift I first shared with my simblr followers and I wanted to also share it to everyone here for all the support I have received since I started this MTS account.

I’m excited to introduce the Sim Service Specialist Career! This is my first time creating a career for The Sims 3 and I decided to go with the Call Center path which I was already familiar with due to my previous job working at one. This is a vanilla career; meaning no opportunities, events, books nor custom uniforms because those are a lot harder to deal with for a first timer.

This career was made with patch 1.42 and it should work for higher patches as long as you have the latest version of NRAAS Careers Mod. Please be advised that you will need NRAAS Careers Mod for this career to show up in the game, click here.

This career focuses mostly on the Charisma skill at the start, which then adds the Logic skill as the career advances to leadership roles. I have renamed all typical tones such as Power Work and Take It Easy, etc. and have added three custom tones called: Practice Call Scripts, Conduct Evaluation and Strategy Review that will increase charisma and logic respectively.

I’m not fluent in any other languages to translate so if anyone is interested in translating this career, I have added the English Strings (Language Strings SimServiceSpecialist English.txt) in the download section and please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

I have tested this career in my game, so far it is working and all scripts are showing up. This career has been live on my Tumblr for quite some time and I have not received any reported issues from users who have downloaded or played with it. As this is my first career, all feedback is very welcome to help me learn and improve my skills so please let me know if you experience any problems on your end and I’ll do my best to sort it as soon as possible.