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New Memories – University EP

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2024 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 12th May 2024 at 2:57 PM
This is a pack of custom University EP memories which are triggered after certain events.

Update (11 May 2024):
  • Added French, Spanish, and Swedish translations
  • Added a semesterChanges version of the event part of the Went to the First Lecture memory compatible with Semester Changes by Cyjon
  • Added a remoteDormDoors version of the event part of the Moved Into a Dormitory memory compatible with Remote Dorm-Doors by BoilingOil

Each memory from the pack consists of two parts:
  • token: the memory itself, may be many files when a memory has subtypes (e.g. positive and negative); Sims don't receive it without the event part,
  • event: makes Sims receive the memory; it must be used with the token part.
Some memories have more than one version of their event part. Use the ordinary versions of them unless the instructions in the conflicts section say otherwise.
Use only one version of each memory event at a time.

Memories in the pack
Decided to StreakUniquePositiveSome fresh air! Not necessarily what I'm proud of, but streaking in front of others is a major step towards positive body image, and a great way to reduce some stress it seems.A Sim streaks for the first time.The event part requires Nightlife, any newer expansion pack, or any stuff pack to work.
The memory hasn't got a negative subtype because Sims always look happy while streaking, regardless of their personalities or aspirations.
Dropped Out UniquePositiveI guess the college life just isn't for everyone. I have better things to do! Who needs a diploma anyway?A Sim drops out of college and none of the conditions of getting the negative version of the memory are met.
NegativeWhat a shame I was unwilling to put extra effort to get that degree.A Sim drops out of college and at least one of the below conditions are met:
  • their primary aspiration is knowledge
  • their secondary aspiration is knowledge and it's their junior or senior year
  • it's their junior year, has more than exactly 3* points of being active, and less than 7* points of being playful
  • it's their senior year, has more than exactly 1* point of being active, and less than 9* points of being playful
*The personality point threshold may be affected by mods like Personality Please by dreadpirate.
Went to the First LectureUniquePositiveI've been waiting for so long to open the gates of my faculty, and now I am in a lecture hall with my notebook for the first time. What a thrill!A Sim goes to the lecture for the first time on their first* semester, not on probation.
*Or on their second semester in the semesterChanges version. See the conflicts section for more info.
Had a Plastic Surgery RepeatablePositiveWho knew the technology went thus far! We're all aware it's what's inside that matters, but can't I feel more beautiful?A Sim uses the plastic surgery machine career reward and the surgery is successful. A Sim who got the memory won't get another Had a Plastic Surgery memory within the next 12 hours – unless a result of another surgery is opposite.
NegativeI look like a nightmare! I should've seen that coming messing with my natural looks!A Sim uses the plastic surgery machine career reward and the surgery goes wrong.
Joined a Secret SocietyUniquePositiveWhoever knew there's a secret society at my college? Now that I've managed to get in, I daresay I am starting to feel special.A Sim visits the secret society lot for the first time and gets the special outfit.
Moved Into a Dormitory RepeatablePositiveNow look who moved into a dorm! Let me just organize some stuff first and then I can go on with befriending fellow students. I hope I will find enough time to study though.A Sim claims a dormitory room and the condition of getting the negative version of the memory isn't met. A Sim who got the memory won't get another Moved Into a Dormitory memory within the next 12 hours – unless a claimed room is in another dormitory.
NegativeI'm not particularly fond of the idea of living with unpredictable strangers under one roof, let alone using a communal bath. Couldn't I afford something else?A Sim claims a dormitory room and has at most exactly 3 points of being outgoing.

Available translations
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
You may contribute to translating the pack by leaving your translations in the comments section. Please try to match the style of the original game translation. You may make separate translations for male and female memory owners if necessary for the language grammar reasons.

It seems safe to remove both token and event parts of each memory mod from the pack even if your Sims already have got the memory.
From my observations, after you have removed the token part, its occurrences (memories and gossips) disappear once you enter a neighborhood.

But if you want to be extra safe while uninstalling a memory mod from the pack:
  1. Remove only the event part first to prevent new memories and gossips from being created.
  2. Remove all occurrences of the token part (memories and gossips) in your neighborhood(s), preferably using SimPe.
  3. Once no Sim has the memory or its gossip form, you can remove the token part of the mod as well.

My modConflicting modWay to resolveComment
Dropped out – eventCollege Tuition and Student Loans by kestrellynMy mod must load after kestrellyn's mod.
"Sim Dropped Out" Memory Fix by meThe memory event mod must load after the fix.The memory event mod contains a part of the fix but I strongly recommend using the fix as well.
Went to the first lecture – eventSemester Changes by CyjonUse the semesterChanges version of the event part. The load order doesn't matter.Cyjon's mod skips odd semesters (1, 3, 5, 7) so the ordinary version of my mod won't work with it.
Moved into a dormitory – eventRemote Dorm-Doors by BoilingOilUse the remoteDormDoors version of the event part. My mod must load after BoilingOil's mod.

Overridden resources
Resource nameType nameGroup/object nameTypeGroupInstance
Want Satisfy - StreakingBehaviour FunctionPersonGlobals0x424841560x7F01EC290x0000220E
Memory - Dropped OutBehaviour FunctionPhone Call - College - Drop Out0x424841560x7F3FDB150x0000100C
Wants Satisfy - Go to ClassBehaviour FunctionMajorGlobals0x424841560x7F17E3A40x0000201B
Want Satisfy - Plastic SurgeryBehaviour FunctionCareer - Home Plastic Surgery Kit0x424841560x7FA3FD850x0000100A
Interaction - Join Secret SocietyBehaviour FunctionController - Secret Society0x424841560x7F175BF90x0000101A
simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-event, simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-event-remoteDormDoor
Interaction - Claim RoomBehaviour FunctionDoorGlobalsNew0x424841560x7FD0DEBA0x0000202E

New resources
Resource nameType nameGroup/object nameTypeGroupInstance
Call Named Tree prim string setText ListsPhone Call - College - Drop Out0x535452230x7F3FDB150x0000012F
simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-event, simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-event-remoteDormDoor
Memory - Moved Into a DormBehaviour FunctionDoorGlobalsNew0x424841560x7FD0DEBA0x00002147

New objects
Package fileObject nameGUIDGroup
simNopke-memory-decidedToStreak-tokenNopke - Memory - Decided to Streak0x008ED4100x7F974928
simNopke-memory-droppedOut-good-tokenNopke - Memory - Dropped Out - Good0x008ED4160x7F47C7CC
simNopke-memory-droppedOut-bad-tokenNopke - Memory - Dropped Out - Bad0x008ED4170x7FB14D9C
simNopke-memory-firstLecture-tokenNopke - Memory - First Lecture0x008ED4150x7FA2887F
simNopke-memory-hadAPlasticSurgery-good-tokenNopke - Memory - Plastic Surgery - Good0x008ED4130x7F81FFB3
simNopke-memory-hadAPlasticSurgery-bad-tokenNopke - Memory - Plastic Surgery - Bad0x008ED4140x7FA24273
simNopke-memory-joinedASecretSociety-tokenNopke - Memory - Secret Society0x008ED40F0x7FD9497F
simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-good-tokenNopke - Memory - Moved Into a Dorm - Good0x008ED4110x7F1EB56A
simNopke-memory-movedIntoADormitory-bad-tokenNopke - Memory - Moved Into a Dorm - Bad0x008ED4120x7F59935A

bambisi (Spanish translation)
blåbär (Swedish translation)
Ciastko (the whole idea, descriptions)
Izenvy (Russian translation)
jfade (The Compressorizer!)
LimeyYoshi (German translation, feedback)
sismik (French translation)
Creators of SimPe