myMINImods - Colorful Bridges For San Secuoia

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2024 at 5:50 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2024 at 4:35 PM
Check the pictures to know how this looks in-game!

Oh San Secuoia... What a beautiful (and boring) scenario to build a family. Beloved and hated equally, this world is really colorful and cute for most of Simmers. But some people like me noticed how bland and unserious the bridge looks with that asphalt-looking appearance in the middle of the town.

Here comes Colorful Bridges For San Secuoia to make your Sims live the fantasy of a San Francisco bayside dreamlife. This one, part of myMINImods (upcoming collection) has 8 beautiful colors to choose from. I changed the default color of the bridge, world map and world selection icon, all aligned, of San Sequoia in different swatches! This are:

- Copper
- Garnet
- Calcite
- Gold
- Silver
- Navy
- Magenta
- Violet

Maybe I'll add more variations in the future but it all depends on the demand that the Simmers have. To be honest my favs are Garnet & Copper (the first thumbnail one), both very similar.

What does this Mod do?

- Brings new default replacement colors that change how the San Secuoia's bridge from The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack is represented, plus adds new details to the map such as reflections and shadows.
- As a side effect, the world map has a higher resolution compared with the original, which is 2048 [2K] versus the new 4096 [4K].
- Affects all districts where the San Sequoia Bridge is present.
- The bridge will light up at night with the corresponding color you chose.

Will it conflict with another Mod?

Conflicts with any file that modifies the same resources. A good example is Red San Sequoia Bridge by SimMattically (very recommended too), because both Mods change identical files.

Also, if you use one of their Mods, called Enhanced World Maps (Sharper Maps), make sure my Mod is on top of this one so you can enjoy the boundaries from both.

What file(s) should I download?

Make sure you JUST INSTALL ONE OF THEM, because having multiple files of this kind in the Mods folder *could* cause unpredictable results and visual glitches.

(If you have any trouble let me know in the comments area.)
- 06/07/24: Initial launchment

Additional Credits:
EA, Maxis
Sims 4 Studio
UI Texture Squasher
Adobe Photoshop
My beloved friend Mprin for the suggestion

Note: some pictures from my game may feature another visual Mods like Matte Replacements
by Simsiboy
, Horse Ranch Clouds (Converted for all worlds)
by them
, or Purple Skies by Lotharihoe. Theese are NOT included neither necessary to use my Mods.