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Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood by Arisuka

Lafayette is a survivor, cook, construction worker, great dancer and a vampire blood dealer, among other interesting things! If your neighborhood is in need of bustle, he is the man who'll certainly create some stir!

I put a great effort in him, and tried a whole variety of slider hacks to have him all the Lafayettish feel I could possibly give him.

He has cool outfits based on the looks he's got in the show. Gender-bending make up, long lashes, head-wear, some nice bling and of course: Golden Pants as nightwear

You will need to download daluved1's nailpolish and if you want him to look just like in the pictures, you'll need to download Aikea Guinea's default skin replacements and this is important: he is made with Awesome mod's 3x slider hack. You don't need to download that except if you would like to alter his features.

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