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More Options For Calla Lillies by joninmobile

I've made two huge improvements to the Calla Lillies. First thing, I've made this able to sit on tables now instead of just the floor, it will also sit on mantelpieces, dressers, any furniture that the small flower vase it was cloned from will fit on. Even with moveobjects on, it still did not sit on tables. Second change was to add 3 recolorable channels instead of just one. So now you can recolor the leaves, the flowers, and the pot. This should not make any blue lots in your game because it was not made with s3oc. This is not a default replacement, so you just have to find the other lilies in your game next to the original lillies. The description will be different. Just try to put one of them on the table, and whichever one sets on the table, you know that's the one I made. I hope you enjoy it! I know I have tons of use for this personally, and I'm glad to share it with y'all.


Found in Decorative/Plants Price is 90 Simoleons

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