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Steampunk accessories by Lisen801

Updated for Pets and patch and tested in game

I do not really know what steampunk is, if this is steampunk. I've been playing a bit and put together some things that I think looks like steampunk or fantasy in general. Maybe someone else thinks it looks funny and has use of it.

This set has three build things and four buy-things.

Sliding Door, costing $ 295 and has four color channels.
Prism Window, costing $ 125 ach has four color channels
Note there is a texture channel Without rivets if you want to use the window for Other purposes.
Wall, 8 $ 2 color channels

Bath, $ 500, three color channels
Toilet, $ 250, three color channels
Shower, $ 445, three color channels
Sink, $ 150, three color channels

High poly warning
The bathtub and toilet have many faces because the nature of the model and I want it this way. Please notice that if you want to download.

Polygon Counts:
Door: 1277 vertices and 1192 faces
Window: 768 vertices and 416 faces
Wall: 36 vertices and 18 faces
Bathtub: 5488 vertices and 5764 faces (!)
Toilet: 4622 vertices and 4662 faces
Shower: 1867 vertices and 1788 faces
Sink: 2065 vertices and 2432 faces

Additional Credits:
As usual I want to thank EA for this marvellous game, the developers of the tools for creating and the autors of tutorials here and there.
I would also like to thank all the helpful people in the forums.

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Name:  Bathroom2.jpg
Size:  184136 Click image for larger version

Name:  Shower.jpg
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Name:  TextureandChannels.jpg
Size:  167568 Click image for larger version

Name:  Panelandwindowincatalogue.jpg
Size:  160895