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1st Sep 2022 5:00 AM - 796
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13th Oct 2014 6:00 AM - 382,449
by Corylea Yesterday

This mod will allow two sims to share a bed if their relationship with one another is greater than zero. So they don't have to be friends -- you can share a bed the moment your family begins -- but they can't be enemies.

---> This one does NOT go in the Downloads folder; put it in your Maxis\GameData\Objects folder.

This mod applies only to beds shown here. The Castle, Beach, Lodge, and Heart beds are not included because they're in different files than the one I hacked.

You can get the mod at Corylea's Hacked Comfort Objects page. Have fun!

Yesterday 12:50 AM
by Corylea
0 29
by SimmerAl 3rd Oct 2021

-Created a modded dresser with a combination of the costume trunk, woohoo and magic portal interactions. See post #32.

-Re-uploaded Refreshing Commode from McKraken Industries... again, again. Removed the clog interaction.
-Created a modded sink with tinker, upgrade, and brush teeth interactions!
-Created a modded mirror with practice romance, gussy up and pep talk. See post #28.

Re-uploaded Refreshing Commode from McKraken Industries... again.
-Fixed an infinite cleaning loop.
-Fixed so Sims can't lock themselves from using the toilet under certain conditions.
-Slight graphic changes.
-Removed dirty sprites, (its a 20 year old game... simplifying things for sanity reasons)
-Removed an interaction where Sims with 8 or higher neat points would refuse to use unless cleaned. This just became annoying in a 8 Sim household.

Created a modded toilet with tinker, upgrade and other little details. See post 17 for more information.

28/11/21 Created and modded a shower with tinker, upgrades and woohoo options, see post 8 for more information.

Hi there, trying to get back into making Sims 1 stuff again (after changing jobs and moving house) I thought I'd keep everything under one thread this time. I plan to make conversions from other Sims games along with some mods involved, but no longer making objects recolourable... and doing random pieces I feel like at the time.

9th Aug 2022 10:39 AM
by Victor_tor
32 1,820
by Corylea 21st Jul 2022

In the regular game, a sim from the neighborhood will walk by your house four times a day, at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 10 p.m. These walk-bys are very useful, since you can make friends with them or raise your Social need without having to leave your home lot.

But their timing isn't very convenient. At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., my sims are usually at work. Sometimes we're at work at 4 p.m., too. And by 10 p.m., my sims are usually pretty tired, far too low in Energy to stand around chatting for a couple of hours.

So I've increased the number of walk-bys. You evidently live in a very healthy neighborhood, because a LOT of your neighbors go for walks! :-) Sims will walk by your house every hour between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. if there are enough sims in your neighborhood to do so. (If there aren't enough sims, make some more! :-D It's good to have at least a few sims who don't have jobs in your neighborhood, so they'll be available to walk by at any hour.)

If your sims live in a house with only one sidewalk, the walk-by sim should walk right past your house, so it's easy for your sim to see and greet the walk-by. If your sims live in a corner lot -- one with sidewalks on TWO sides of your lot -- you may occasionally have to look closely to catch the walk-bys, because sometimes they come in one side and go out the other side, spending very little time actually visible. 6 Sim Lane is especially bad in this regard, as you can see in the picture below. But if you know the time when sims generally walk by, you should be able to catch them. In my game, sims usually enter the lot at around 20 minutes past the hour, so 7:20, 8:20, 9:20, and so on.

You can get the mod at

21st Jul 2022 6:42 PM
by Corylea
0 59
by Corylea 4th Jul 2022

If you buy seeds at Custer's Market, you can only buy one packet of seeds at a time. That's fine if you're growing vegetables as a hobby, but if you're trying to make a living by farming, you'll find yourself spending all day buying %$#@ seeds! So I did something about it. :-)

There are two mods, and you can use both of them if you wish, or just one; they don't conflict with one another.

One of Each will let your sims buy a packet of seeds for all the vegetables at once. You can buy 1 packet of seeds (each packet has 5 seeds) for all four of the vegetables -- carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and green beans -- with one purchase. (Of course you still have the option to buy seeds one packet at a time; this mod does not remove that option.)

Farmer Seeds will let your sim buy multiple packets of seeds for one vegetable. You can buy 5 packets of seeds for the vegetables where the plant doesn't survive harvest -- the carrots and lettuce -- and 3 packets of seeds for the vegetables where the plant DOES survive harvest, the tomatoes and green beans. Since each packet has 5 seeds, that means you can buy 25 seeds at once for carrots and lettuce and 15 seeds at once for tomatoes and green beans. (Of course you still have the option to buy seeds one packet at a time; this mod does not remove that option.)

Installation: Although this seems as if it would override another file and need to be put in a special place, it doesn't, and it doesn't. :-) Put it where you normally put downloads, and it will be fine.

You can get the mods at

14th Jul 2022 7:13 PM
by Victor_tor
5 106
by Gothi_family_4ever 2nd Jul 2022

Now you sims can dig metals from the ground - and make a beautiful metal collection at home!
You can also sell them for good money to the NEW vendor I made!

Follow this steps:
1) put the NEW mushroom chair (File Name: randomeholecreator_chair.iff) in a community lot

2) send a sim to this community lot
3) search for hole in the ground
4) return you sim home
5) click on plumbob -> and choose get out metal
6) you sim will get out the metal and put it at home!
Metals can be put on tables, shelves, coffe-tables and more

Now you can have some EXTRA FILES that work with the NEW metals:

1) Wishing Well - that actually make your wishes come true:

if your sim wish only 1 wish - 85% chances it come true
if your sim wished 2 wishs - 60% chances it come true
if your sim wished 3 wishes - 45% chances it come true
if your sim wished 4 wishes - 30% chances it come true
if your sim wished 5 wishes - 15% chances it come true
if your sim wished more then 6 wishes - 5% chances it come true

but if you will find some metal (from metal colection) -
this metal can HELP you to TRICK the wishing well!
Witch metal is it? - Find and try!


2) Bookcase - for community lots only ->

Make your sims read those books, one of the books will give you information about how and when dig rare metals!


3) Metal Vendor!

* He can be used as a regular cashier
* he can also give you info about the metals you digged from the ground!
* You can sell your metals to this vendor and get money $ :heyhey:


4) Analyze metals using microscope!




3rd Jul 2022 6:39 PM
by Victor_tor
4 126
by Victor_tor 17th Jun 2022

Here is a little project of reviving little Oldies family members in Sims 1.
Here are two of Oldie ancestors - Myron Oldie and Irma Oldie. They both are dead already in Sims 2.
It is revived version based on theirs death picture (avatar) in Sims 2. They are available as one family and as separated households who don't know each other yet.
Their character is the same, their look is the same like on death picture.
That was their's favourite clothes everyone seen them last time im Sims 2. SO DON'T PUT OFF THEIR CLOTHES LOL!
Myron's and Irma's teen-to-young-adult son Herb with his wife Coral and their adoptive child Mary-Sue Oldie (Pleasant in the future)
Have a look at the pictures to see their bios about how I imagined their youth storylines.
There are different families with various combinations.
Choose any version you like and download from attachements
Myron Oldie

Irma Oldie

Herb Oldie

Coral Ruggbyrne

Mary-Sue Oldie


I've never shared families so here is the first one. I hope I packed everything fine.
You need to add the resources to your corresponding folders
Character and Export files are in UserData... 1,2 or 3. Whatever
Skins folder is inside GameData
I dunno what will came up if any content from Export and Characters folder will be replaced.
Guess some of characters will be replaced LoL.
Files from Skins folder are safe to replace.
Anyways check out twice and compare! Files for replacement should be completely identical!
Otherwise - death! In particular. For some of your sims
who will be overwritten LoL. So do it with science!
Once you will finished they should appear in family bin.

Resources used: - list of all Skins contesnts from most EPs - tutorial about mess with cmx files - guide I used to find the skins resources - tool I used to convert sims skins - tool I used to convert sims skins - tool I used to create recolors and clothes - the Sims Enchancer to adjust Sign/personality mismatch
And of course

Have fun! Victor_tor

29th Jun 2022 6:16 PM
by Victor_tor
6 314
by Gothi_family_4ever 21st Dec 2021


Hello you all!
So after posting my realistic fridge I am posting here my Addams family items that I have + items that I made by myself.

The house -> Lot 91 at Creepy Hollow
This is a bigger 91 lot which I have made is work properly.

Here are the family members doing some crazy Addams staff:


1. Addams Pet
2. Addams Skins that I used
3. Butler Plugin (of Lurch)
4. Ready family to import + house


Some you can find here:
Siren Shadow Sims

If something doesn't work please let me know!!! :faceslap:
I will upload the house objects soon.

27th Jun 2022 12:43 AM
by Corylea
12 366
by Gothi_family_4ever 20th Jun 2022

See Old Post Here

I added more surfaces so you can put items that can go only on tables/endtables
on any height you want!

New! You can now also put items high as the empire state building


See all the steps here:
You must follow my steps exactly so it work for you!

use it with liugno wall plant to intersact walls

20th Jun 2022 9:57 PM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 54
by Gothi_family_4ever 19th Jun 2022

Remmember my old Addams house?
Well I wasn't satisfied with it...
So I build a new house - on much much bigger lot!

To see bigger pictures click here:


O.k - so I tried to put all the items I used - I used a lot of them!
I hope everything will work good for you. :rolleyes:

I used items from many many sites - I put them all in a file in the download link
Please notice some of the objects has skins you need to install!

20th Jun 2022 5:31 AM
by Victor_tor
1 53
by Gothi_family_4ever 12th Jun 2022

Decorate your house in a better way!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Always wanted to put items on the top of the fridge?
Or put a plant on the bookcase?
Or put items over the piano?

Now you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made for you the awsome Invisable Shelves:

How it's works?
1. Put the Shelf where you want, for example on the same tile with the bed (pics 1+2)
2. Put Invisable Roses - "Invisable Objects" on the shelves you won't use - like on the 2 top heights (pics 3+4+5)
3. Put in your garden the "controller bush"
4. Click on the controller and choose "Hide all Shelves" (pic 6)
5. Put anything you want on the bed!

See all steps on this gif:


*********Put items on top of Bookcase********

*********Put items on top of Fridge********

*********Put items on top over the Piano********

Combine 2 Shelves!
(You can merge as many as you want! Just play with it)

New link - fixed all problems: 20.06.22

12th Jun 2022 11:40 PM
by Corylea
4 138
by Victor_tor 8th Jun 2022

I have few CAS clothes, created by another creator, I want to make into pajamas and swimwear. Is there an easy way to make it?
I'd like to try if it's not hard.
Regards Vic ^_^

11th Jun 2022 3:07 PM
by Corylea
3 71
by Gothi_family_4ever 5th Jun 2022

5 new features added!!!

1) Giant Vegetables
You can now put in your fridge all 4 maxis Giant Vegetables:

:anime: Giant Vegetable will give you more vegetables in less space! :anime:

Each Giant Vegetable will take place of 4 slots in the fridge
But you can use 1 Giant Vegetable as 12 small vegetable
So If you put 37 Giant Vegetables in your fridge:
They will take (4*37=) 148 slots but they will give you (37*12=) 444 vegetables!!!

:here: please remember that only after using all the 12 pieces of each giant vegetable
the 4 slots in the fridge will be free again

* Sims will use Regular vegetables & Giant vegetables RANDOMLY for their meals!

2) Yogurts!
Sims can eat yogurts!
Just go to the store and buy yogurts from the new display that I made workable for you.
Original Graphic:

3) Milk
sims can buy milk bottles, and they can drink milk from the fridge!
add some hunger and some fun!

:here: Each milk bottle has 1000 ml = 1 Liter
After drinking 100 ml will be reduced,
After drinking all 1000 ml - the bottle will be removed from the fridge and make some space:
Please see the GIF how milk works:

4) Quick Meals!

Your sims need to buy them on store!
quick meals can be cooked ONLY in maxis microwave or maxis toasteroven...

5) maxis meal - changed it's name to Meat&Vegtables

sims can not use microwaves to cook this meal
becouse making meat on micro is weired...

It took me a lot of time to make all this!
I hope you enjoy! ;)

Credits: (For display counters)

5th Jun 2022 1:24 AM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 98
by Gothi_family_4ever 6th Dec 2021

17.05.22 - update!!!
Now you can put as a leftovers all this meals:

Maxis serving meal - 6 portions
Maxis regular meal - 1 portion
Serving Salad - 6 portions
regular salad - 1 portion



Hii you all, I hope I'm not the only one who play the sims1. :rofl:
I made a lots of custom content to the sims1 + some ideas from the sims4 (like collecting stones by digging in the ground and more)- I will upload some here!!!

The first one I will share with you is the REALISTIC FRIDGE!!!
It has been my dream that sims could put their groceries into the fridge and depending of what they bought - they could make the meals.
It's similar to the pantry concept but a lot more realistic!

For Example:
To cook maxis regular meal -> sims will need 3 vegetables + 1 meat.
To serve maxis meal (6 portions) -> sims need will 10 vegetables + 6 meat.

It's have been a good success so far:

The snack + quick meals are still like the original game.
I want to make an option for sims to buy snacks and only then the option for eat snack will appear.

Sims can always check the amount of the the ingredients that are in the fridge.
If there are no carrots (for example) the "carrot" button won't be seen

A NEW INGIDIENT!!! ->>>>>>>>>> Meat!

Once a sim bought some meat - they can put it in the fridge
You can put:
1 of each ingredient
5 of each ingredient
All the amount of the ingredient

Now my sim added 1 meat to the fridge - and he can cook his meal:

After he cooked the meal - there will be less 4 ingredients couscous he used 1 meat + 3 vegetables!

Put Leftovers! :anime: :anime: :anime:

Now the only 2 meals you can put as leftovers are:
Maxis serving meal
1 meal of Salad

I am still working on the others :)

If you put in the fridge half eated meal -> this is also what you will receive when you will choose "get leftovers"

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

21st May 2022 11:05 PM
by ed95
1 266
by Gothi_family_4ever 17th May 2022

17.05.22 - update!!!
Now you can put as a leftovers all this meals:

Maxis serving meal - 6 portions
Maxis regular meal - 1 portion
Serving Salad - 6 portions
regular salad - 1 portion

See old post here:

21st May 2022 10:59 PM
by ed95
2 73
by Gothi_family_4ever 20th May 2022

In the sims1 - bladder is a very problematic need.
Sims need to go to pee like they are all pregnant :faceslap:

So why not saving time and pee in the shower like real people do (I know you all do it :lol: )
So - here is for you:

ShowerTub -> Sims will pee only if they "take a shower"
Shower (no tub) -> Sims will pee when they "take a shower"

I made Maxis showers & Tubs able to pee in the bath + Some New designs (not by me) that I hacked.

21st May 2022 12:14 AM
by Corylea
1 90
by Gothi_family_4ever 24th Apr 2022

Why maxis didn't allow kids buy ice cream?
How kids suppose to eat ice cream???
Now they can!


Put the file called FoodCounter in ExpanshionPack3

25th Apr 2022 3:55 AM
by noprobllama
1 73
by Gothi_family_4ever 23rd Apr 2022


Please notice! If you downloaded the file before the 26.04.22
The 3 postcards with sharky,achie and yetti will made a glich if you buy the postcard in the night ->
I fixed it - so please download the fixed file again (the file that I changes called:
gift_postcard_xmas_10 | gift_postcard_xmas_11 | gift_postcard_xmas_12

Hii you all.
It's been a while sines I created something new to sims1.
I wanted long time to create Christmas postcards and thanks to Corylea from Reddit I finally could do that!

So here is my new creation:

12 new Christmas postcards!:
* Not all 12 postcards will be available every day on every lot, so you will need to travel around the lots and search for all the 12 postcards.
* There are common, rare, ultra-rare and Most-rare postcards.
* Each postcard cost 50 $
* Most of the postcards will give you 5 relationship points when you send them on the mailbox.
* The Most-Rare postcards (there are 3 like this) will give you 7 points relationship points when you send them on the mailbox.

The mailbox:
I made 2 objects - you can install one of them or them both.
1) file called: MailboxVacation
will replace the original mailbox and will let you to send all 12 new postcards to your friends.
You can choose to send a regular postcard (and then dependence on the lot type - beach/forest/snow) your sim will send the right postcard.
And you can choose to send Christmas postcard. Your sims will send them by random.
Just remmebr to click on TAB on the keyboard to see all options:

2) Or you can install only the new mailbox - file called mailboxvacation_02
Graphics by:

Maxis Replacemant:
I strongly suggest to install my replacement for maxis postcards because if you wont do that
you will see on "brows" all the new 12 postcards....
And I made it so kids finally can buy postcards too!

It will also let you to buy only one postcard on each lot (it make more sense.)
*A beach postcard on beach lots,
*A forest postcard on forest lots
*A snow postcard on snow lots

Extra Interactions:

1) Find and buy 1 of the 3 postcards with the Mascot face on them.
2) Click on the mascot that his face on your postcard
3) hug him/her
4) Adult can hug too!


I hope you enjoy it! :anime: :anime: :anime:
:giggler: :giggler: :giggler: :giggler: :giggler:

23rd Apr 2022 9:57 PM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 50
by sawyr 12th Feb 2022

I'm attempting to recreate a TS1 style scene in Maya, and I'm looking for the 3D models of the sim characters specifically. I understand the 2D sprites thing with the objects, not concerned with those as I will attempt to make replica models based off the images available. It would be cool to get the actual model (obj. file?) of a character, doesn't have to be too specific although both male and female would be ideal. I'm not looking to repurpose the models, but use them as reference for poly count/distribution. I intend to build one from scratch, and I want it to look like it came right out of the game. Images of the 3D wireframes would work just as well if they're out there, as I just need to see how the polygons are organized. If someone has gone over this somewhere already I apologize, but I've been searching through google as well as the threads of this website, and have yet to find what I'm looking for. If I have to download TS1 in order to get into those files then so be it, but I'd rather not as I've read about issues/crashes with newer systems.

12th Feb 2022 9:58 PM
by Corylea
6 265
by Gothi_family_4ever 6th Jan 2022

Yes! Yes!
This is a homework mode for the sims1 lazy kids
I'm kidding - they are not lazy, they are just bored to death! :heyhey:

I found out that I have nothing necessary to give my kids to do after school.
They eat, they play a bit, and watch TV.
But there is no really a challenge for me to care my kids, especially after I made this mode: LessDecay Plant

Please be careful:

(you will only have to do that 1 time for each family, only if you feel this mode caused some bugs)
It may cause some problems in your game
The best thing to do after installing this mode is to delete all your sims with "move_objects on" cheat
and then click n them again (they will just be restart as default)
And then this mode will work better after that.!

So - It took me a long time to create this mode,
I hope you will like it:

Kids who didn't made their homework 3 time in a row -> will stay up to 18:00 to complete their school tasks:

New files for this mode to work:
  • ReplacementCarPortal -> will raplace the original car portal in the game!!!
  • homework
  • homework skins
  • staylatemode

you can put those files in DOWNLOAD folder (in subfolder too, it will work)
:!!: the skins of the homework put in skins


6th Jan 2022 10:43 PM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 278
by Gothi_family_4ever 6th Jan 2022

As the name said -> Less Decay mode for mood
So sims won't pee every hour :rofl:

Based on "SEDD_NOfunNOsocial.iff" from (link don't work anymore)

See how my sims end up after 10 hours of not doing anything at all -> with this plant and without this plant:

It will effect ONLY :

It only will high up it a bit :D so the game will be more realistic.


6th Jan 2022 9:56 PM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 160
by First_is_Best 27th Dec 2021

Does anybody have Far edit that works with windows 10? :cry:

27th Dec 2021 8:07 PM
by Corylea
1 122
by Gothi_family_4ever 22nd Dec 2021

List of thing I hate about the original sims1 newspaper:
1) You can't unsubscribe
2) You need to click on every newspaper to clean each and one of them
3) Sims just read the newspaper and no more cool actions
on the sims2 - simers can do crosswords and gain points.
I would like to made the newspaper to do that on sims1!

1) I found a cool painting on SomeSimThings - if you put this painting on your walls, the newspaper will stop coming.
But I have made it possible to "buy" this painting threw the nespaper:

Once you will do that, a painting will be hanged on a random outside wall of your house
And this massage will appear:

If you want the newspaper to come again - just delete the painting


I am still working on section 2 + 3

2) You need to click on every newspaper to clean each and one of them
3) Sims just read the newspaper and no more cool actions
on the sims2 - simers can do crosswords and gain points.
I would like to made the newspaper to do that on sims1!


22nd Dec 2021 10:26 PM
by Gothi_family_4ever
0 144
by SimmerAl 11th Dec 2021

I'm trying to use animations from different expansions for different reactions, but notice that in House Party onwards, animations seem to link and play to there desired sound file automatically without any code telling them to play...

for example if I replaced A2O-tantrum with a2o-fan-scream my sims will perform said animation... but sound like the obsessed fan. (this is without me touching or adding any sound files) Is there a way to stop this from happening? expansions had so many great animations, it's a shame there strapped to there sound files.

11th Dec 2021 2:02 PM
by SimmerAl
0 93
by SimmerAl 20th Oct 2021

Hi there, I'm currently making a shower with woohoo (nothing 18+...) actions which has been successful. But I'm struggling at the moment for both sims to get a relationship points after use...

If there's any advanced Sim 1 modders left out there can you offer any help? I can even send over my object if you want to look into it or fix my attempt at relationship gain, thanks.

25th Oct 2021 2:45 PM
by Corylea
3 153
by Corylea 30th Apr 2021

I've made a bunch of mods for The Sims 1, but I never bothered to upload them anywhere, because I thought I was the only one playing this twenty-year-old game. Then I found this section of ModTheSims. :-) Now that I know I'm not the only one, I'm going to upload a few things and see if anyone wants them.

Food Lasts a Week

I don't know about you, but when I'm finished with a meal, I put the leftovers in the refrigerator, and they last for a week or so. And yet our sims can't do this, so they have to cook All. The. Time. Well, no more. I've hacked the food so that it stays fresh for a week. The sims still don't put it in the refrigerator, but you can't have everything. :P This mod alters the regular meals, the BBQ meals, the pizza, and even the snacks.

Since this mod replaces an in-game object, the file does NOT go in your Downloads folder, the way objects usually do; it has to go into the Objects subfolder of your GameData folder. Your GameData folder is a subfolder of your Maxis folder; look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\The Sims\Gamedata\Objects, if you installed the game to your C drive.

If you want YOUR sims' food to stay fresh for a week, you can get the mod -- for free, of course -- at

I make mods for my own use, but I go to all the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy. If you like the mod, please say so! I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in this thread; I'll be checking it frequently.

Happy Simming!

20th Aug 2021 3:29 PM
by simsgat
8 574
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