Where to find the Twirlflame Trio?
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I noticed that the Twirlflame Trio got about not quite 30 downloads per character; but then something funny occurred. I noticed my Tray wasn't exporting files or labeling them correctly. Files that should've been associated with each other by datestamp were somehow not responding to Date Modified correctly. Somehow, files that weren't related got exported at the same timestamp, thus creating a lot of confusion regarding how to identify if any two files even belonged together.

Because of this, I've elected a temporary moratorium on uploading any more characters to MTS that require Tray files to install. I'll work with Package files, since Sims 4 Studio handles files in a much more manageable way than the game itself does.

However, many are probably wondering where they can get some good Twirlflame Trio members regardless. Don't lose hope! I have no intention of fixing the MTS upload. In fact, if prompted, I'll tell the moderators to go ahead and delete it. But I do want to let you all know that I haven't completely given up on distributing these characters. It's just...they'll have to be through the Sims 4 Gallery.

Links are provided here to my DeviantArt page, which has instructions on how to locate each character inside the Gallery - and which CC they'll need!

- Tabitha
- Sarah
- Tobias

If you really want the bio from the original thread, here's a truncated version:

The Triumvirate formed in 2015. They instigated WWIII, with America receiving the worst of it. SCALLOP, a good guy organization, was put into an impossible legal dilemma that required them to recruit superheroes to stop the Triumvirate, but also to encroach upon those heroes' constitutional rights. The Icy Finger caused America to split, and then conquered Arkansas. They put their fascistic Chrome Kite puppet regime in charge in 2026. One by one, superheroes fell. A force field / suspended animation capture system dubbed "The Tug" kept many from entering Arkansas to save it.

The Swappernetters, a USB flash drive-using resistance, popped up to resist both the Chrome Kite's worldview and its education model. Their plans were simple: protect private education and overthrow the Chrome Kite by any means. Without the Tug disabled, the heroes of old aren't coming. It's up to the parkour-loving, rooftop-hopping Frontliners of Swappernetter society to protect their peers and secure the means to disable the Tug. While a Swappernetter may be one of many roles in the society, the parkour-loving teens at the forefront carrying out the most dangerous recon and other missions are the "Frontliners." This is where Tabby's gang comes in.

Tabitha was a member of the Order of the Oraphim. After she and her mother wound up being abducted and made political prisoners, Tabitha and her friend Sarah were rescued by a rogue SCALLOP agent: Shaniqua Tamery. The two girls tracked down their fugitive friend Tobias Reno, and then accepted powers from the retiring Mapacha del Fuego. They vowed to use what they gained from the power transfer to destroy the Tug - one day, some how. After three years in juvie for no clear reason, she wanted the corrupt regime gone! Her friends were made orphans during the war, and likewise wanted the Chrome Kite to pay. Tabby loves parkour. She's a quick learner, but also sometimes shy and humble. She used to idolize Ciem, but now wants to avenge the latter's honor.

She's the daughter of SCALLOP agent Kyle Medsor and Gray Champion sidekick Hea Pang. She's dating Jordan Sterlie, the son of Navyrope sidekick Tiffany Sterlie and Hebbleskin Gang grunt Garret Whaling.

Tabby's abilities include rapid healing, enhanced strength, enhanced endurance, enhanced stamina, incredible heat tolerance, heat field manipulation, temporary paralysis-inducing energy beams, the ability to "run on air," and learning new skills very quickly.

Sarah saved her Professor from being captured by the Chrome Kite; but paid the price when she was found in an abandoned building. Recruiting Tabby to her cause brought Sarah a renewed sense of purpose in life. Sarah's abilities are similar to Tabby's, being they both got their abilities from Marge. However, she doesn't have the neural dampener beam. Instead, Sarah gained the ability to walk through walls. This makes her a perfect Infiltrator, as her powers make her a rather efficient burglar. Her cover job is as an extremely part-time chef.

Tobias is street-hardened, and has been in and out of jail for reasons making even less sense than what got Tabby and Sarah locked up. This has made him bitter, and eager to live by his own rules. He was dating a non-Frontliner named Francine, until the regime murdered her and the unborn child, fueling Tobias' rage and lust for revenge. He would later fall in love again - with Sarah. Yet, he vowed to be more careful this time.

When he gets angry, he gets incredibly strong. His weapon of choice is a crow bar.

Want to make fanfics where they meet other Swappernetters? Rather simple:

- Beanie hats. While not an absolute, Swappernetters are fond of them. And of looking like homeless stereotypes in general. Fitting, since many of them witnessed their homes being destroyed by the Hgs.
- Gloves, especially fingerless gloves.
- Tight-yet-modest clothing. Sometimes a little dirty.

Frontliners are even more telltale:

- School record inconsistencies
- Unorthodox knowledge, especially for age level
- Unusually talented at odd jobs.
- Odd jobs and gaps in resume
- An usually high number of USB drives on their person
- Compulsive DIY construction of objects, and a desire to help others in need
- Strong aversion to law enforcement
- Carrying tents in bags
- Zeran wardrobes (which are outlawed. Work kinda like the magic ring that The Flash keeps his suits in.)


Swappernetters is inspired by SatAM Sonic, DIY culture, homeschool associations, juris naturalist philosophy, and the Mirror's Edge series of games. The dress style for Frontliners is similar to that of the runners in Dying Light, though their background setting is a mixture of Dying Light, Far Cry, and Mirror's Edge.

In-game meta

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